Creating A Winning Gym Website Design

The Secret To Creating A Killer Gym Website

A successful gym website design can be the difference between attracting new members and struggling to keep them. Your site needs to be easy to navigate, provide a clear call-to-action, and showcase all of the different ways you offer services.

Gym websites should be designed with a customer’s satisfaction in mind and may include:

  • Information on the different programs offered, such as weight loss classes or athletic training;
  • Contact and location details;
  • Testimonials from happy clients

Tips To Create Gym Websites

We’ve compiled some tips from our team of experts on how you can create a winning gym website design:

1. Use White Space Wisely

White space isn’t just good for aesthetics; it also provides an opportunity for visitors on your site to breathe when they’re looking around.

2. Make Navigation Intuitive

Visitors should never have to guess where they are or which links will take them where they want to go next.

3. Create A Visual Hierarchy

Create a visual hierarchy using large images and contrasting colors for your header, navigation bar, and other essential features. This is important as you’ll want to make sure the most important things (such as navigation) are always at eye level and easily accessible.

4. Use Call To Action 

Include a call to action that encourages visitors to take the next step (i.e., “contact us” or “sign up now”)

5. Use An Appropriate Color Scheme

So people can find what they’re looking for easily, you should use an appropriate color scheme on all pages.

6. Keep Content Concise But Informative

Avoid long paragraphs with lots of text. To achieve this, make sure that your sections are broken up with headings, bold or italic text, and bulleted lists.

7. Add Contact Information On Every Page

Adding contact information on every page is also important so that if you’re running a contest or promotion, visitors can quickly sign up for it.

8. Offer Social Media Integration

Social media allows users to share their experiences with friends and followers. Adding this may encourage more visitors to sign up for your gym. Include social media buttons if users want to share anything with their followers. This can attract potential new customers who can sign up and start working out.

9. Websites Should Also Feature Gym Offers

Gym offers such as a free WIFI to make a good impression on customers. This may also help retain members who may want to work out while waiting for their spouses or friends (already there) to finish the class.

10. Use Branding

Utilize branding at the homepage and throughout your website. This includes logo, tagline, slogan, and color scheme.

11. Include Reviews And Testimonials Page

Consider including testimonials from happy customers or members on every page to let visitors know that other people have had a great experience at your gym.

12. Provide Contact Info

Provide multiple ways for users to contact you with their questions. This can include a phone number, email address, live chat service, and FAQs section (which can also be a separate page).

13. Include Discounts And Promotional Page

Add a members’ area where they can take advantage of special discounts or offers, such as package deals if you offer multiple classes throughout the day.


As you can see, the website design is crucial in drawing potential members and customers into signing up because it’s the first point of contact with a new client! Keep these ideas in mind as you’re creating or redesigning your website so that it can help you grow your business.

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