Fitness Website Design

Fitness Web Design and Marketing

When choosing a website for your fitness brand you have to make sure that you have the perfect blend of design, functionality, engaging content and a pleasing aesthetic that will make your target audience want your services. We have nearly a decade of designing and launching full featured fitness websites, membership portals, and online training courses that help our clients grow their brands and execute their vision.

When creating your fitness website it is important to take careful consideration to tailoring your site around your exact offerings and needs. Your fitness website design should incorporate your offerings into an easy to digest and understandable format so that your customers can find exactly what they are searching for. Usually a fitness website will include:

  • List Of Services
  • Class Schedules
  • List of Trainers or Instructors
  • Payment Integration and Booking Options
  • Monthly Workout Calendars and Challenges
  • Contact Information and Directions

Services Section

The list of services section is one of the most important sections on a fitness website and should clearly outline what your gym offers while making it inclusive so that you get the widest interest. A common issue that we see with clients that come to us is that their services are overly hyped up and technical to where it sounds as though the gym of studio is only tailoring to a certain demographics. Often times this is not the intent of the client and in actuality their services are expandable to include nearly any fitness level but the wording of their services section is likely costing them members because it sounds “intense”

Class Schedules

Having a class schedule posted on your website is a good way to keep your members apprised of what classes are offered. We usually recommend making the schedule a top level item on the navigation so that it is easy to find. Depending on whether you classes have a set schedule or rotate weekly will determine the layout and updating of the schedule itself.

List of Trainers or Instructors

Having staff bios on your website is a great way to build rapport with your members and allow them to get to know your staff. A good About page usually has pictures of the trainers, their names, experience and certifications as well as interests and a short description about their time with your company.

Payment Integration and Booking Options

Having payment integration in your website can be a huge win for your company. Integrated payment and booking can allow your customers to transact with your business right from their homes and can help streamline member acquisition and retention. There is a wide range of possibilities regarding integration and most of it depends on your needs and the services you offer. However, this is one of the best features that you can offer and we highly recommend it for all of our clients.

Monthly Workout Calendars and Challenges

This features is usually separate from the class schedule section of your website. While the class schedule of your website tells your members what classes are offered each day, a workout calendar and challenges go beyond classes and challenge your members with daily special workouts they can do as well as challenges that can bring excitement and engagement. Some companies do a “Workout of the day” model where there is a specific workout they release every day. Whereas other businesses provide additional resources such as nutritional advice, at home workouts and general encouragement.

Contact Information and Directions

This is another huge piece of information that many fitness brands get wrong. Your contact information and directions should be prominent and easy for your members and prospective members to find. We recommend your phone number in the header of your website and Contact being a main link in your navigation. Making sure that your members and people interested in your services can easily reach you if vitally important to the success of your brand.