Fitness Design

Fitness Web Design

Fitness isn't something you just decide to get at. It's a commitment that takes a lot of willpower and strength, pun intended, to maintain this lifestyle and to share it with others.

If you're wanting to make a website that conveys your passion and expertise in fitness, whether it may be general fitness, a gym of studio website or something more specific like powerlifting or CrossFit, then chances are you've thought about the journey of developing your ideal website. Somewhere you can show people that you take your body's wellness to heart.

You've come to the right place. Here at Sharp Tack Media, we take pride in specializing in the fitness niche. We've worked with several brands in designing and maintaining their fitness sites. Some are local places that have just opened up, hoping to expand their reach with a powerful and accessible website. Some are established brands which have chosen to build sites that cater to a specific section of fitness because they saw a growing market for it.

Here are just some of the companies and brands we've helped develop and have worked with over the years. We're sure we've heard of at least one of them:
  • Onnit Academy
  • Strength Camp
  • World Bodybuilding Federation
  • Defranco Insider
  • Maxx Fitness Clubzz
This is just a small list of the more than 60 fitness brands we have worked with. Be a Part of the Continuously Expanding Group of Brands That Have Experienced the Best. Choose Sharp Tack Media.

Here are Just a Few of the Things We Can Do For You Here at Sharp Tack Media.

  1. Extensive Experience

    Over the years, we've developed very effective techniques on how to expand and grow fitness sites.

    We've had the advantage of going through all the trial and error stages of all this so you don't have to. You just have to tell us what kind of fitness brand you are, your target demographic or niches, your tone and style, and the services you offer. We'll take care of the rest.

  2. Modern and Smart Site Design

    We use platforms that take advantage of powerful technologies in order for us to make streamlined functions for you.

    These can include a booking page for personal trainers, a detailed catalog of services, even product pages if you offer products or if you have an ecommerce site you'd like to integrate into your main fitness site.

    Oh, we're pretty good at that, too.

  3. Market Analytics

    As your site expands, so will your customer base, and moving forward, you'll want to make sure that you're taking the market movements of those new clients into account.

    We have powerful tools that give you concise and accurate information with how your customers change their spending habits, sections of your page where the spend more time on, site access trends, and more, all in one handy info panel.

  4. Robust Design Capabilities

    Your edge here at Sharp Tack Media is that we already know what works for any sort of fitness site you want.

    We've done modern bodybuilding websites, gyms, supplement companies, Crossfit websites, fitness events sites and much more. Our experience is wide and deep and we have the graphic designers and technical skills to make any website you can dream up a reality.

    Our design experience with the fitness industry is simply unrivalled.

  5. Shop and Store Support

    If you're a fitness brand or maybe a gym, you probably have items that you want to sell besides subscriptions. We have powerful tools and techniques so your customers have access to all their fitness needs.

    Store integration is so important when setting up a fitness site. Some users spend more time browsing through items rather than actual services because they already have experience in working out. Having good store integration in your site can mean the difference between healthy site growth and stagnation.

    Stores also increase the relevance of your store in search engines because of the advertising/store snippets. If your site gets recognized as having strong product links, then it can pop up in sites like Google when people search for fitness items.

  6. Extended Customer Support

    Your success is as important to us as it is to you. The mark of a great service provider is it's customer's satisfaction

    We pride ourselves on our excellent customer relations. We don’t make this claim lightly. You can check out plenty of our customer testimonials and see how we treat our clients. We proudly have a 97% client retention rate with dozens of clients that have worked with us for more than 8 years.