Ecommerce Design

Eccommerce Web Design

The key to a successful e-commerce design lies in how well you target your chosen demographic. Their clicks and purchases are what drive your site.

We here at Sharp Tack Media can make you realize your ecommerce dream. We’ve worked with numerous companies and sellers on various platforms such as Woocommerce and Magento.

We specialize in web development to support your Woocommerce store. We've worked with many clients before and have a proven track record of increasing ranking and organic traffic.
We can provide an excellent design package that includes a comprehensive study of your business, keyword targeting and optimization, development of marketing strategies, and ongoing customer support.

Features of Our Eccommerce Design Processes

Web Design

We specialize in designs that make your value known to your audience. Web design is an essential part of making your Woocommerce store rank well. Our designers all have some sort of development experience that gives them an understanding of the importance of the structure of your page, as well as web design principles.

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is arguably the most important thing that determines whether users will stay and, ultimately, purchase something from your store. A design that is well laid-out and focuses on the user experience is crucial in a Woocommerce store.

Payment Gateways

What's the use of having an online store if users can't pay using their preferred methods directly in your store?

Payment integration is one of our specialties here at Sharp Tack Media. We'll integrate services such as PayPal, Google Pay, and Visa to your store so it becomes a one-stop-shop for all your customer's needs.

Social Media

To further boost your online visibility, social media integration is necessary.

We can provide you with a comprehensive package that includes full social media support for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most powerful tools in our web development arsenal. We have extensive knowledge and experience in SEO which separates us from the competition.

Woocommerce Specialization

Great Product Descriptions

Nobody wants to go to a Woocommerce page only to find out that all their listings have generic, boring product descriptions. Text can be equally important to the success of your Woocommerce page as high-quality images.

We can take a look at your products, get a feel for the purpose and theme of your store and provide you with powerful, descriptive, and accurate product descriptions so your customers can look at all the relevant information that they’re looking for at a glance.

Our writers have plenty of experience crafting product descriptions that resonate with a large number of people. They can make sure that you express yourself exactly how you want.

Daily Offers and Bulk Discounts

What's more enticing to customers than sales, discounts, and offers? Not much.

Strategic placement of discounts at key seasons, like Christmas and Black Friday, offer MASSIVE boosts in sales, resulting in your page getting more exposure and favorability.

Daily offers are also a good way to increase user retention times. Place small daily deals based on product categories on a rotating carousel widget and watch users browse for several minutes hoping to find that perfect deal for the items they want.

That's Just a Taste

Now that you've seen that we know a thing or two about creating a lean and comprehensive front page, why don't you come on over and look a little deeper?

Front pages aren't the only important parts of your ecommerce site. There are countless more pages that need to be integrated and are cohesive with each other to offer your customers.

With Sharp Tack Media, you'll never have to worry about the nitty-gritty of ecommerce design. We offer services that other design firms simply don't.

Many of our larger competitors just don’t have our personal touch. They will often redirect your calls to one of their automated systems and hope their bots can answer your questions so it doesn’t have to redirect you to an actual customer support representative. At Sharp Tack Media, we’ll assign a personal designer and collaborator to you, answering your questions as best as they can.

All our staff are trained and can collaborate with you throughout the entire process. Choose the right digital agency for your Ecommerce needs.