WordPress Design

WordPress Web Design At An Affordable Rate

What Is WordPress Design?

WordPress is a powerful open-source content management system developed for people who love customizability and the power to create.

We at Sharp Tack Media have a specialty in WordPress design. It’s one of the first pieces of software that our company worked with and it has become a staple in our skill set.

Making WordPress Do Amazing Things

WordPress was originally a blogging platform but it has transformed into the number one content management system in the world and is responsible for powering 30% of all websites in existence. The platform offers amazing expandability and ease of use.

We specialize in building highly customized WordPress websites that are built with our client’s exact specifications in mind. We ensure that the design and development are a perfect match for the client’s brand.

With this in mind, we have always chosen to prioritize design before development, this ensures that the workflow proceeds at a more steady pace and that no design flaws will go through development. This makes quality control much easier.

When we design WordPress websites we look to push the platform to the max to ensure that our websites are custom works of art.

Our WordPress Design Process

  1. Client Collaboration

    This is where you meet with one of our design teams to do the initial drafts for the design you want. This may include you providing us with sketches of first drafts and initial layout options that you may have come up prior. If you don’t have any previous designs, we’d be more than happy to input our suggestions. We have experienced designers who know who to craft a functional, well-laid out WordPress site.
  2. First home page Drafts

    This is where our design teams create and layout the first draft of your home page. This process may take anywhere from a few days to a week depending on the complexity of the home page you proposed.
  3. Home page Client Review

    After a few days to a week of the first brainstorming meeting, we’ll call you and present you with a preliminary first draft of the home page of your site. You may provide us with input and adjustments before proceeding to the development stage. We believe that having a solid understanding of the home page design at this stage is crucial for a smooth development process moving forward. This page will dictate the overall feel of every other page on your site.
  4. Revision Period

    Once you provide us with your input, our design teams further refine and adjust the home page layout. The Client Review and Revision Period are repeated until you are satisfied with the look of the home page.
  5. Inner Page Design

    This is where all the other pages related to your site are designed. The design for these pages will be based on your home page result. That’s why we reiterate that before proceeding to this step, you MUST be sure of the look and layout of your home page.
  6. Ancillary Page Review

    We meet again with you so you can review the look of the rest of the pages of your site.
  7. Adjustment Period for Inner Pages

    We, again, revise and refine the rest of the pages on your site. You may still provide us with feedback at this point. Step 6 and 7 are repeated until you are satisfied with the look and layout of all your pages.
  8. Coding

    After the design is confirmed we will begin custom coding the website design according to the exact design specifications.
  9. QA

    After the coding portion is complete the website will be run thoroughly an exhaustive quality assurance check to ensure that all bugs are worked out and it is ready for client review
  10. Client Review

    After QA the website will be turned over to the client in a development environment for final approval before launch. If the website passes this final approval it is deemed ready for launch.
  11. Launch

    All of our hard work is finally realized as the website is launched live to web.

Advantages of WordPress Development

  1. Stand out From the Crowd

    Nothing will set you apart more than a well-crafted custom WordPress site. This shows to people that you’ve invested a large deal of effort in your sites.

  2. Increases SERP Ranking

    WordPress has extensive SEO capabilities that can be customized for superior results. This is because WordPress has plugins that Google can use to integrate data into and the site itself can display nearly any type of SEO data in existence.

  3. Increased Usability

    WordPress has some of the most advanced tools and UX capabilities of any content management system. This make it easy to create highly tailored website flows that increase conversions and dwell time of visitors.

  4. Increased Stability

    WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms in the world and as such is regularly updated and improved with each new version. The platform itself is incredibly stable and only getting better.