Startup Design

Web Design For Startup Companies

You got a business idea in your head that you just know will take off?

You might be gearing up for your very own startup.

Chances are, if you’re already on this site, then you know what you’re looking for. You want someone who can create a stunning, modern design for your startup. Someone who can translate your ideas into designs that are concrete, relatable, and can resonate with many people.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We at Sharp Tack Media have built a reputation for taking startups and sending them straight to the moon. We have a proven track record and have worked with hundreds of clients and have brought their dreams into the real world through ad campaigns, marketing strategies and startup designs that capture the unique tone and feel of each of the clients we’ve worked with.

We’ve worked with such brands like (Onnit, Recit Adventures and SynLawn) and have made them very popular and well-known among their local niches.

We've created a suite of semi-custom startup themes that will help you reinforce the design ethos of your startup. These themes are structured in such a way that makes navigating through them very easy and intuitive and they are super affordable.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, we have a team of dedicated designers that you can collaborate with to design your perfect, custom startup design. Rest assured that our designers are professional, friendly, and have years of experience under their belts.

Here’s a few things that we find attractive and what you should strive for in your startup design:

  • Tactile and Highly Visible sections
  • Relevant content
  • Modern and Dynamic graphics
  • Coherence and Easy of Navigation
  • Logical Site and Link Architecture

We ensure that our designs meet all of these criteria and that you can openly collaborate with us.

Why Choose Sharp Tack Media?


Sharp Tack Media has been in the game for a number of years now. We’ve worked with some top brands in the past including many small, local businesses that have since grown into profitable and well-known establishments within their own locality using our proven design, marketing and optimization services.

Take a look at our portfolio of different brands and businesses if you’re still not satisfied.

A Personal Touch

We promise to make you our one and only concern when you choose to work with us. We will assign you with a personal designer from our team. You will have priority over that designer and so you can have maximum collaborative effectiveness with said designer.

If this is your first time using a service like this, then don’t fear. We have experience working with companies of all experience levels, that’s why we set up a page like this, for startups. And as a startup, we know the specific challenges that your position poses.

No Compromises

Our services are second to none. We use cutting-edge design techniques and tools to craft our templates. We use market research and hard data to figure out what attracts users to sites and keeps them there.

Data-driven Results

Analytics is a very powerful tool in determining a user's spending and surfing habits. We use a wide variety of tools that enable us to make design choices based on data that comes up based on your target market.

Outstanding Customer Support

We at Sharp Tack Media pride ourselves for our amazing customer support. If you choose to partner with us, we won’t only make sweet designs for you, you’ll also have our guarantee of extended and comprehensive customer support.

You’ll always be able to contact us for any inquiries. We take the phrase “no concern is too small” to heart. Whatever you need, and we mean WHATEVER, we’ll be there.

You don’t know what you’re missing. Your startup design is a key part of your business in arguably it’s most important phase. From what we’ve seen, 71% of startup businesses go bankrupt in the first 7 months of their operation, and an overwhelming majority of those businesses lacked a strong design.

Building brand recognition is crucial in the early stages of a business and a strong design can get you that brand recognition.

You want users to associate your design when they think about the service or product you provide. Much like when you hear the word windows. Yes, you may think that that’s just a part of a house, but Windows the brand has become so ubiquitous that you can’t help but associate the inanimate object to the brand. That’s how powerful brand recognition is.

Choose the right thing. Choose Sharp Tack Media.