Fonts That Influence Buying Decisions

The Power Of Font Psychology

Fonts have a significant role in the success of any business. The right font can make people think more positively about your brand not only on your business logo but also in your marketing materials as well. However, choosing an attractive one is sometimes easier said than done. After all, many fonts are functional and aesthetically pleasing and will help you market your company effectively.

So how do you choose? An excellent way to start is by considering the fonts that influence buying decisions.

7 Logo Fonts Which May Influence Buying Decisions

To help you with your selection, here are seven of the most attractive fonts for business use:

1. Helvetica

This is one of the most popular fonts and can be found everywhere, as it's known for its functional style, which is ideal for small amounts of copy on a page. It is very versatile and has an appeal that makes your brand trustworthy. The font works well to generate trust in potential customers because this font type is clear and easy to read.

Using this font for your business will help you attract potential customers. And, if you are looking for something that is both distinctive and aesthetically pleasing, then this typeface could be just what you need. You can use it in large or small amounts of text without losing the design's appeal. It also works well for both web and print media.

2. Lucida Sans

This very simple font has an interesting design and will help you quickly convey your message to customers. It is also known for its clarity, making it ideal if you want people to pay attention to content without distractions of the design. The font can be used in both web and print media and small or large amounts of copy.

This font is best used with content that you would like customers to read carefully. You can use it to help improve the clarity of your message and even create a specific tone for different parts of your website or printed material.

3. Helvetica Neue

Similar to Helvetica, this font has a very clean look. It is also easy to read and has an exclusive appeal that makes customers feel like a well-known company is addressing them. Best of all, it works for almost any purpose or content type.

This font positively supports your brand's image. As a result, customers will be able to see the value of your product without looking at any other information.

4. Baskerville

This classic font has an old-style appeal and often appears written with ink on a page (textures are produced using pen strokes). This attribute offers you an opportunity to create a historical look for your website or material. One of the biggest advantages is that this font is very versatile, making it a good choice for your new business.

This font has a classic structure, so if you are trying to achieve a high-quality image, this could be the ideal option since it's simple and sophisticated in appearance. This makes customers feel like they are getting a quality product or service.

5. Cooper Black

This is an easy-to-read font that has been in use for centuries. That's why it feels familiar to many customers. A neat thing about this typeface is that it stands out on white background because of its black color. This makes it a good choice if your business is more focused on print media.

The font is unique because of its thick strokes that create an exciting contrast. So, if you are looking to design a unique and attractive website or printed material, then this could be just what you need. It can also stand out in search results since not many other websites or printed material use this font.

6. Helvetica Neue Condensed

If you want to add some elegance and class to your business, then try Helvetica Neue Condensed. It has many of the same features as its full version, but it is condensed for convenience's sake (it can save space and help you design a neat layout).

This is an ideal typeface for presenting content to your customers. As a result, it will work well in any medium, whether you want to use it on your website or in printed material (it has been used worldwide and continues to be popular).

7. Didot

This is a very classic and unique font that can add a formal tone to your business. It has the same kind of old-style appeal as Baskerville, which means it provides you with an opportunity to create historical or traditional designs for your site or material. This typeface is also known for its simplicity, making it ideal for conveying a specific tone to your customers. So it could be a great choice if you want to create high-quality designs without worrying about the design getting in the way of the message you are trying to deliver.


Choosing the right font is an integral part of creating a quality website or printed material. While there are many different options, this list will help you narrow your choices and find something that is both appealing and practical.

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