Getting Started with Google Local Pack

How To Get Listed In Google’s Local Pack

As SEO specialists in Oregon, we keep a close eye on any tweaks and upgrades in the way Google displays the search results. For example, back in 2015, Google introduced a significant shift to how it shows top local search results. Prior to this update, the search giant grouped the top seven results for a local search into their own section at the top of the SERP (search engine result page) called the “7-Pack.”

The new update, however, reduced those seven results to only three and restructured the panel format as well. Aside from creating Google Ad campaigns, this is one of the most sought-after ways to get ranked on Google.

What’s The Google Local 3-Pack?

The Google Local 3-Pack is the method used by Google to display the top three search results that are relevant to the location where the user submitted the query. For example, if a user went online looking for “water damage repair near me,” and they’re located in Phoenix, AZ, the Local 3-Pack would only display the top 3 water damage repair services in Phoenix. At a glance, the user will get to see the name, address, and phone number or (NAP) as well as open or closed status (and closing time, if applicable), number of reviews, and overall ratings for each of the three restaurants that Google has deemed to be most relevant to the search query.

How To Get On The Local 3-Pack

We’ll start by saying that you cannot exclusively optimize for the Google Local 3-Pack because the search results tend to vary depending on where the user is located. That being said, you can optimize your web presence in such a way as to increase your odds of turning up in the Local 3-Pack when it comes up to a search query that is applicable to your local business.

Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Somewhere around 25% of the weight of your local 3-Pack ranking signals belongs to Google My Business — far more than any other signal category. That is why GMB management should be an integral component of your brand’s local search engine optimization game plan.

With Google My Business Listing, you can ensure that your audience and customers can reach you through the information provided on your GMB page. Adding your business or claiming it is easy. All you need are your most updated business information, follow the provided, steps, get verified, and you can let everyone know that you’re ready to do business with them.

Real Reviews

Did you know that reviews make up about 15% of the weighting in Google’s evaluation of your local business listing for the local 3-Pack? Well, now you know where to invest most of your time and effort. But how do you get quality reviews on your listing? Here’s what you can do:

  • Monitor online reviews across the brand within a single dashboard. Real-time listening and engagement can contribute to the growth and protection of the brand while at the same time, highlighting areas for improvement in specific locations.
  • Be respectful and honest when responding to your reviews. Blaming your customer or belittling a bad reviewer (even if their review is completely off base) can do more harm than good.

Get Quality Local Links

Being active on local listing sites could very well be the single most important factor for performing successfully in the local search and thus, appearing on the Google local 3-Pack.

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