How The Rule Of Thirds Can Improve Your Website

Creating a Better Website Design

Depending on your industry and user base, you can create customized and better website designs for your customers.

While there are too many ideas and concepts that crawl around and confuse marketers, there are design principles and elements that should be taken into account when creating a good user experience.

What is the Rule of Thirds?

Effective web design is simple nowadays, and there is a simple rule- the rule of third parties- which must be followed.

The “Third Rule” is a popular principle of photography, which is also one of the most important web design principles.

To keep it simple, the rule of thirds refers to equally shaped 3 by 3 grids that fit an image or a group of images.

As a web designer, it is extremely helpful to know how the eyes work particularly when looking at the layout of your website. The points where the grids intersect are those that catch most eyes of viewers.

Generally, the intersection on the top left of the image is the first that will attract a viewer, followed by the intersection below it. Next is the top right intersection, and lastly is the intersection at the lower bottom.

The rule of third teaches artists and web designers that sometimes, the perfection brought by the 2-part symmetry is not the only option when it comes to designs.

How To Apply the Rule of Thirds on Your Website's LayOut

You may want to include many visual elements on your website's homepage. You have your banner, your logo, your icons, social media buttons, ads and of course, your content. Using the rule of thirds, the probable lay out of your website will be;

  1. There would be a size of 341 pixels wide by 262 pixels deep for each third for the usual screen resolution of 1,024 pixels wide by 786 pixels deep.
  2. Since websites are all about brand visibility, it is most likely that your banners and logos should be placed on the top left part. As mentioned, the intersection on the top left of your grid is the first thing that catches the attention of your viewers and visitors.
  3. Social media and other contact information are likely to be found on the lower left side of the screen. This part is still eye catching to many customers.
  4. Other elements of your website can be placed on the right part of the screen. This includes the contents and other images. It might be even smarter to put interesting images on the lower right side of the page because even though it might not be an eye candy for your viewers, a great image would definitely keep their eyes glued on the screen.

Keeping the Harmony of Your Design Elements

The rule of third is a design principle that would encourage any web designer to follow it. This law can dramatically improve your web design and it can be effectively integrated into existing ones. It allows you to create a more attractive and functional website for your visitors.


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