Conversion vs. Traffic: How To Get Both?

Get Traffic And Conversions Using Social Media

Conversion or traffic, which one do you prefer? If you're in the business of selling products online, you're probably more interested in the sales. But if you have a blog, you may get more value out of traffic than conversions. Both are important to your business, so how do you handle both?

This is when social media platforms come into play. They provide an effective way of increasing traffic and driving conversion simultaneously, where both complement each other. So how do you get both? Let's find out!

The Power Of Paid Ads

One sure way to get traffic and conversions that involve social media is through using Facebook ads. Although this isn't the cheapest way, it does prove to be very effective depending on your niche or industry.

Facebook ads allow you to target a specific audience based on demographics (age, gender, interest), location, and even some behavioral patterns. You can create a particular ad to target your ideal customer without being charged for clicks. This is done by using the “pay per impressions” option. Pay per impression or PPC is where you're only charged based on the number of people who have seen your advert regardless of whether they clicked or not. The good thing about this platform is that you can quickly test different ad versions to see which one gets the maximum response.

On top of pay per impressions, you can also use the “pay per click” option, a more straightforward way of paying based on clicks, but it doesn't allow for as much control when targeting audiences. So if you're looking to make significant sales and possibly rapid growth, Facebook ads are an ideal platform for you. That said, there's always another platform out there that may be a better fit for you.

Tying It All Together

So how do you tie both conversion and traffic together? That's where social media platforms come into play. Nowadays, businesses are shifting their focus towards creating content to build communities around their products and services. This is the real value of social media as you're providing real value to your audience. This is what will make them pay attention and want to learn more.  

Many believe that people are 3x more likely to buy a product online after reading positive reviews on social media. This suggests that content marketing does work in converting a prospect into a buyer. Having traffic and conversion is possible through social media as you build your online presence, build trust with your audience and create content to educate them on what they need.


You can see the potential of having both traffic and conversions simultaneously using social media because they complement each other well. The most important thing is to provide real value while you get people's attention and drive traffic. You can use different content, social media marketing, SEO optimization, and lead nurturing to get this done effectively.  

Social media platforms are a great way of building relationships with your audience by providing them with useful content that will make them understand and appreciate your product or service better. That way, you'll be able to achieve a higher conversion rate in the long run.  So don't wait any longer – start increasing traffic and conversions today by using social media platforms to get both!

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