Marketing Your Small Business To Millennials

Millenial Friendly Marketing Messages

Millennials are a peculiar audience. They are born in a digital world that ushered in an entirely new business atmosphere. In fact, businesses are aren’t attracting millennials might be missing out a huge chunk of the consumer market. Of course not all types of businesses can be ‘hip’ & ‘cool’ but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to be that awkward and embarrassing uncle trying to be cool for his nephews by saying ‘swag’ or even dabbing. Rather, it’s about catering to new class of consumer and entrepreneurial culture that millennials have made. Here at Sharp Tack Media we have adapated some of our own marketing practices to cater to this new marketing especially with our local Clackamas web design services.

 Here’s a list of ideas that’ll help attract more millennials to your business

Have A Strong Digital Presence

Millennials care more about businesses that have a website and a social media account. A business not having might have its legitimacy questioned. Nowadays, a website is equivalent to be catalogued in the yellow pages. In addition to having a website, businesses must have social media pages. Whilst a website is more of a formal method of digital marketing, a social media page allows businesses to connect with their audience. Millennials value that type of business-consumer relation and expect out from today’s businesses. 

Millenials Want To  Be Responsible Consumers 

Millennials are living under different social conditions. They care more about their ethics as a consumer. Thus, they have more support for local businesses within their areas, which is a bonus for you. If you’re in the food industry, they want to see more labels such as ‘organic’, ‘home-grown’, ‘local produce’, and etc. In short, they want to feel that they are positively contributing to their society through their responsible consumerism rather than harming it.

Millenials Want You To Be Responsible Too

Millennials also expect businesses to practice responsible entrepreneurship as well. They want to know that you as a small business owner is also doing your part in helping the community. Which means they want to see you in community events, fairs, and festivals. They want to know that you’re doing your part in actually making your local area a livelier and colorful place. In exchange for their customer loyalty, businesses that connect with the community is what millennials want. 

Connect With Them

Going off from the last point, millennials want to know that you’re actively seeking for their attention. An easy way of doing this is through social media. From the content you upload, ask them to share their truthful opinions and reviews about your business. This way, you’ll get valuable insight in how to improve your business and image better. 


The main takeaway of this article is that millennials don’t expect a strict business-consumer relationship out of today’s business atmosphere. They don’t want to be treated solely as consumers. Rather, through the help of modern technology, they want to feel more connected to their fellow entrepreneurial counterparts. The most important word of this article is connection. You as a small business owner have all the help and technology to establish a deeper connection with the millennial market. 

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