Working With An SEO Outsourcing Partner

A Guide To Working With An SEO Outsourcing Partner

In web development, the phrase “outsourcing” is a fancy word for “sending your work to someone else,” and that's how it works with SEO as well. If you're looking for high quality links to your website, an outsourced SEO agency can help by finding websites in which you have a strategic interest and engaging them on your behalf. 

The basic workflow is this: You give your outsourced SEO firm a list of sites that you want links from. They figure out who really owns the website in question, and confirm it's someone you're okay with talking to about linking to your site. They send an email or set up a call with the person in charge of the site you want a link from, and ask them to add your link.

This is a high-level summary of what an outsourced SEO agency does on your behalf. There are some other smaller tasks that they do as well, such as monitoring new links that go up on websites that have previously linked to you, and reporting to you on these links.

Here’s how you get started with working with your SEO outsourcing partner:

  • Get to know your SEO outsourcing partner

Your SEO partner needs to have a good grasp of your industry and the kinds of sites that you’re interested in linking from. You need to trust them, so it’s important that you get along with them personally. 

  • Define The Scope Of Work

Ensure that you’re clear on what your SEO partner will be doing on your behalf. Will they be contacting potential sites for links, or are you looking to them to do some outreach themselves? Are you hiring an SEO firm to look into new link opportunities for your site, or are you expecting them to submit a weekly report of all the new links added to your site?

  • Create A Tracking Progress System

Create a system that will track progress, identify risks, and measure success. Since you’re not going to be working with your SEO outsourcing agency on a daily basis, it’s important that there is a system in place for reviewing and acting upon the reports they provide. 

  • Review Reports

The regular monthly or weekly progress reports are opportunities for you to review all of the work being done on your behalf, and to confirm that your goals are being met.

  • Be Open to Feedback

As your SEO partner is doing work on your behalf, they may notice that you’re making some strategic errors. For instance, if you’re buying links from sites that are against Google’s guidelines, your outsourced agency will want to let you know about it so that you can rectify the situation before Google penalizes your site.

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