Tweet Tips For Businesses

How To Make Awesome Tweets For Businesses 

Twitter might not be as big as Facebook but it’s still one of the most popular social media platforms out there. There are over 300 million Twitter users that post over 500 million tweets every single day. Twitter is as relevant to marketing using social media as it is relevant to individual entertainment. 

Keep in mind that although other social media giants such as Facebook share similar features such as the similarity between Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets, It’s not advisable to structure tweets the same way as Facebook posts. Twitter is unique on its own and users engage Twitter with a different mindset. 

Here are great and proven tips you can use to great captivating tweets.

Tweets Are Not Sales Pitches

Building up your business’s brand recognition is one of your ultimate goals, but you’re in social media. You have to get rid of the coat and tie. Your social media audience doesn’t want corporate jargon and unenthusiastic sales pitches.  Changing your marketing mentality is crucial since your purpose, besides marketing, is to provide not only relevant but also interesting spontaneous content. People don’t use Twitter to read lengthy company bios. Instead, showcase the human element that is behind every business. Show that you are just as human and approachable as any other social media user out there. Loosen up and use informal language like what everyday Twitter users do. Things might be different if you were using LinkedIn or Upwork, but Twitter is Twitter. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 

Make It Short But Sweet

Twitter is meant for spontaneity. Each tweet is limited to a certain character count but it’s not a good idea to reach for that number almost every single time just to get a point across. Instead, keep your tweets short but also interesting. There are many examples you can do this. Instead of boring advertisements, showcase a product in an enthusiastic and even anticipatory manner such as “5 days until our highly anticipated sale!” and “You’re missing out on great deals! What are you waiting for?”. Remember that your Twitter audience is scanning dozens of other tweets on their Twitter feed so be sure to construct tweets that are attention-grabbing. 

Share Quality and Appealing Pictures

You can attract more attention by showing quality photos; photos with sentimental meaning. I’m talking about unique narratives that are taken behind the scenes of your business. You can further expose the human element of your business by taking snaps of your employees, give a sneak peek behind something new, and even share candid photos of any business event or any random happenings in your business. You can also share something entertaining every now and then. Every tweet doesn’t have to always have a marketing agenda behind it. 

Give Your Twitter Followers Opportunities To Participate

I’m talking about calls-to-action opportunities that actually make your Twitter followers become a part of your business such as polls, “Retweet This” moments, and even invite them to participate in contents and events. In cases such as this, you can do a marketing persona, but remember to keep it entertaining and as casual as possible. Try to sound like that friend who wants to invite you to go out with them. You don’t want to be that annoying salesperson who’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth just to get you to sign or buy something. 

Follow Trends. Even If Some Might Be Annoying

Memes. Vines. Dancing fads. The lot really. Some might be outright ridiculous *coughs* Harlem shake, but trends are one of those things that businesses can definitely benefit from. Have your employees jump in and let them film their own viral clips. Share ingenious and hilarious memes to win more followers and increase your follower’s loyalty. Basically, participating in trends makes your audience feel like you’re just like any other human out there that knows how to have fun.  So keep in mind of some current and future trends as part of your social media PR strategy.


Twitter’s job is to entertain. Your job is to market and enhance your business’s brand image. You can merge both worlds in your tweets by following the aforementioned tips. Yes, tweets are only read for a few seconds but there’s very little reason to plan any tweet with half the effort required. 

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