5 Types Of Gym Testimonials You Need On Your Website

Get More Gym Memberships With Social Proof

Your business is growing, and so is your customer base. You have a lot of happy customers that are coming to you for fitness advice. Still, the problem is there's only so much space on your website to list their testimonials. Testimonials are one of the essential elements to create a winning website. But how do you get them? Where should they go on your site? We're here to talk about five types of testimonials that will help grow your business.

Types of Testimonials That Drive Membership

If you need more testimonials for your website, here are some types you'll want to consider:

1. The “I'm not going to lie, I was intimidated by the gym” Testimonial

This person may have been nervous about joining a new gym for the first time or just signing up for their online membership. They were scared of what they might see inside and how intimidating it would be, but once they got there, everything changed.

This testimonial matters in driving gym memberships because it builds empathy with those who are just starting. Effective testimonials will mention an obstacle or challenge that the client overcame. These are more memorable and have a higher chance of persuading potential clients.

2. The “This is why I joined this gym instead of another one” Testimonial

When looking at different gyms in their area, they always want to know which one best suits their needs. This testimonial talks about why someone chose this particular gym over others. Your website needs this because it makes someone left unsure of what gym to join, to feel more confident and at ease when making a decision.

In this testimonial, the author may also highlight the favorite aspect of your gym. It is a subtle but significant way to tell people the staff is friendly or to mention any other qualities about our organization. It might be helpful when people are deciding if they want to join us.

3. The “My favorite part of my workout routine is…” Testimonial

Everyone has a unique workout routine that works well with them and helps them stay motivated throughout their fitness journey. We all have those parts of our workouts we enjoy more than others, so they'll talk about theirs! 

This testimonial is impactful because it shows that you offer diverse workout routines and delivers an exciting point from someone who has tried many other gyms in the area.

4. The “I've never felt better!” Testimonial

Having a testimonial on how working out has helped people feel better about themselves internally and externally is crucial for gym websites.

Your gym website can significantly benefit from content like this because people are always looking for ways to improve themselves.

Also, this type of testimonial is a great way to show your gym's success stories and how they can lead someone else towards their fitness journey!

5. The “If only I had started sooner” Testimonial

Another testimonial that is a great way to show your gym's success stories would be the “if only I had started sooner” testimonial.

This type of testimonial can help motivate people because it shows how much they could change their lives for the better in a relatively short amount of time!

It's also a great way to drive memberships. This type of testimonial is usually an inspiration for people to start their journey with your gym. This type of content can be suitable for helping show visitors that you have a community, and it's never too late to get involved!


Testimonials are excellent social proofs. Having the right testimonials on your website can help you attract more prospects, drive conversion rates, and generate higher revenues.

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