Why You Should Include Testimonials In Your Website

Testimonials Are Must Haves For Your Marketing Strategy

Customer reviews are an integral part of any website. As a business owner or a web designer, you must treat it as an important part of your Social media marketing strategy to consistently attract the attention of your visitors. 

To learn more about this, here’s an article where we’ll look at the types and importance of feedback and customer reviews. We’ll also answer some questions about how to write them.

Where to Get Excellent Testimonials

Remember that reviews are social proofs of your business. Oftentimes what people are looking for when they are considering your services for the first time is your website. Customer reviews should be allowed on your blog, website or anywhere so customers can leave and share them. Given their ability in helping you grow your business, it’s important to know how and where to collect them for your customers’ benefits.

Here’s a list of ideas that you can use as testimonials and social proofs.

  1. Make sure you add a variety of references to your site so that your new visitors have plenty of social evidence. 
  2. If you have a large number of testimonials, a dedicated testimonial page is a good idea, especially if the feedback comes from influential people within your organization. 
  3. Including a certificate can help assure potential customers that your business is reputable and valuable. It makes a valuable asset for marketing your content. 
  4. You can also use social media reviews. Client reviews can prove extremely convincing in marketing, whether you retweet them from satisfied customers or find them posted on Facebook.

How To Maximize Testimonials 

If you want to start making a buzz for your business, try to get feedback from your customers. When you ask for a testimonial, you offer the opportunity to ask what customers liked most about their experience with your company and how your product or service helped them. 

Its inclusion on the website will add an additional level of personality to your brand by indirectly helping you to express characteristics that are different from those of your competitors. This includes your personality, style, your way of speaking, and many more. 

Knowing these, customer testimonials are one of the best – for – your – buck marketing assets you can have. To maximize them, make sure that the tips below are followed.

  1. Provide a rounded page with links to all your customer reviews on your website and social media pages so they can tap potential customers. 
  2. If you already have existing testimonials on your website, look at a review that addresses a pain point or highlights a benefit. You can use this information to improve your services. You can also use them to highlight the best things about your products and services. You can even turn the most effective comments into long case studies. 
  3. You should also include captions to provide context for your experience reports so that social media users can read the full story, too. Adding links is also a good idea, because it allows visitors to check your clients and find out more about them. In return, it helps to increase the social evidence, credibility and value of their testimonials. 
  4. When there’s a chance to respond to a customer feedback, then do it. In this way, consumers and visitors to your website can see how you respond to reviews, and how you improve an aspect of the business based on a testimonial.
  5. If you have just chosen a method to incorporate testimonials into your website and have found out only some of them at this point, our recommendation is to place them strategically around your listings. It’s an easy place that your visitors can spot immediately.
  6. Experts agree that references should be included on the homepage so that visitors to your site have them immediately. Don't just stick them on one side of your pages.
  7. Use reviews, ratings and comments from satisfied customers in the form of text, audio or video on your website. These are creative ways that you can answer questions from potential customers and turn your sales pitch into a credible and unbiased recommendation for your product. 

Let Your Audience Know What’s To Love About You

If you have not collected any customer feedback for some time, then you need to start doing that today. There are many sources of testimonials and feedback that you can use for your website. If you’re able to work with these testimonials strategically, you’ll be amazed at how much they can do for your business!


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