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Professional Logos Designed With Perfection

What makes a brand a brand? The services? The people behind it? Maybe where the business was founded?

While all of these can be possible answers, it’s not the right one.

What makes a brand is its logo. The logo of a brand represents all of the mentioned facets before and more. It encompasses everything that that brand or company stands for. The logo IS the brand.

That is why designing a logo that is both iconic and timeless is a no brainer when it comes to setting up your online business.

What’s All the Buzz Surrounding Logos?

You see brand logos on a daily basis, sometimes even on an hourly basis. You can’t succeed without building brand recognition, and there is no better way of creating that recognition than a solid logo.

Who would have known that something as simple as a check mark can become the universal sign for shoes, or that a stylized “U” can become so ubiquitous. I swear I see Unilever’s logo on everything these days.

This is the kind of brand recognition a brilliant logo can afford you.

Making matters even better, if your brand gets recognized enough, people and companies can actually pay you if you decide to attach your logo on one of their products as a sort of seal of good faith towards that product.

That is some serious power logos command.

We’re Here for You

We at Sharp Tack Media can create for you logos that can rival even the likes of the King of Fast Food Himself, at a fraction of the price.

We offer creative solutions and collaborations with you and a team of designers with years upon years of experience ensuring no shortage of creativity.

Logos must be tailor made for their audience. A modern fitness gym whose target audience are young 20 to 30 year olds won’t be too enticed by a logo that looks like it came out of a 17th century tavern, but an antique shop specializing in items from that time period will.

Knowing your target audience makes all the difference in logo design.

Here’s What We Can Do For You

Offer Powerful Tools

We have access to some of the most intuitive and powerful logo making tools available out there.

You can use these if you don’t want to do a full on collaboration with us. Of course we’re open if you have any questions about how to use these tools in case you can’t figure out how to do a particular task.

These tools are user friendly and can be used by people with little to no logo making experience

Hands On Design

If you want the full Sharp Tack Media experience, we suggest that you avail of our design services.

We have a dedicated team of designers who aren’t only experienced, but innovative and willing to look at things in a number of perspectives.

Our designers have excellent communication skills and friendly collaboration is a guarantee.

We’re committed to translating your vision into your logo and we’ll make every effort possible to provide you with the service that allows you to do that. We’ll essentially act as an extension of your company in designing your logo.

Making The Most of What You Give

You also have the option of letting us have a more comprehensive look at the design process. Instead of you working hands on with our designers, you’ll act in more of a supervisory capacity, overseeing the design process and issuing adjustments and revisions as you see fit.

This lets you take a broader look at your logo and lets us work with the utmost efficiency because we build teams that work harmoniously.

If you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll be more than happy to make changes that you want. We won’t stop until the final product is EXACTLY how you want it.


Scalability simply means that your logo will work well and look right at different sizes.

Your logo can appear on a variety of media from something as small as a phone screen to something as big as a billboard. Designing a logo that looks good at either end of that spectrum is a hallmark of great logo design, and a Sharp Tack Media guarantee.

See What’s In Store For You

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of what we can offer, why don’t you make the right choice and contact us.

You won’t regret it.