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Social Media Design For Better Brand Loyalty

Social media has become a one-stop-shop for all things happening online. What once was just a new fad that nobody really knew about has turned into something that nearly everybody and their mother, even their grandmother, uses.

Just as social media has become ubiquitous, so has marketing on them. No wonder there’s an entirely separate branch for marketing specifically dedicated to its applications towards social media. Tailoring your marketing towards social media may be the key for your business to go that extra step beyond.

Why is Graphic Design So Important?

Graphic design is a field within social media marketing, and marketing in general, that makes use of images and, as the name suggests, design to convey a particular product or service to a customer base.

Graphic design has evolved into such a powerful tool in the marketing space that large companies have begun to devote entire divisions solely on graphic design and developing campaigns to bolster, sometimes even spearhead, their marketing efforts.

Another reason why graphic design has become so popular is because it has become so accessible. You only need a few things to get you started in the world of graphic design. All those who were formerly traditional pen-and-paper artists suddenly had the chance to translate their talents into the digital space.

Now it’s time for you to set yourself apart with Sharp Tack Media.

Why Choose Sharp Tack Media?

Here at Sharp Tack Media, we take social media graphics design very seriously. We’ve seen first hand the benefits that good social media graphics design brings to the table.

We’ve worked with some great brands that really showed how good graphic design can turn their business around.

We’ve worked with companies of all graphic design experiences from those who’ve never had the chance to work with a design team to ones that had large graphic design teams but were looking to give them an overhaul in the hopes of performing better.

Making things even better, we offer several packages that you can avail to fit your design needs. We can do collaborations and consultations or a more freestyle process where you give us a few design points that we’ll try to hit and we’ll come up with most of the heavy design work. Either way, you’ll get the product that you deserve.

We Believe in These Core
Social Media Graphic Design Concepts

Logos at the Forefront

Logos are one of the most powerful indicators of brand success. Something as simple as two golden arches becoming essentially the face of fast food. Make it a point to include your logo or brand mark in all of your core designs.

We offer logo integrations and options to derive most of the design work on your logo, creating a cohesive pattern that will reinforce to people that when they see your brand, that’s a seal of quality that they can trust.

We also design logos that can hit different styles: minimalistic, modern, rustic, energetic, dynamic, colorful, monochrome. You can give us a glimpse into what your brand is all about and we’ll let our most talented and creative designers take care of the rest. We promise outstanding work and no stones will be left unturned, creatively speaking, to deliver you the best logo design for your social media campaign.

Use Infographics

Data can be a real chore to read, especially when it’s presented in the most bland way possible. This is why infographics are one of your best friends when it comes to social media design.

Use tools such as charts, tables, graphs, and images to display data that your followers might be keen to. Because on social media, the first seconds that a user sees a post are all that it takes whether they’ll click on that post and interact with it, or just keep scrolling.

Use a Blend of Shapes and Images

We humans are visual beings. We often rely on what we see to determine what our actions will be. This is why smart use of images and shapes is so important to social media design.

We offer tried and tested templates that we’ve learned to elicit a very strong response from users. These designs aim to draw attention to your posts, making the as visually appealing as they can be.


Your social media outlet is your primary way of communicating with your audience. Providing your social media with engaging and interactive graphics design will help your social media to reach the most amount of people possible.

So what are you waiting for? Make the right decision.

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