Print Media

Expert Print Media Design That Works

Print media such as brochures, business cards, pamphlets, product cards, and newsletters can still boost your digital media service. They serve as boosters to cover all the bases of your business.

With us at Sharp Tack Media having years of experience in digital marketing, it has allowed us access to knowledge to translate and adapt those skills gained in digital media into print design.

Print design can boost your brand identity using custom media collections and digital media assignments.

What sets Sharp Tack Media Apart?

We Create Creative Solutions

Our media designers have years and years of experience in the print media world. Before the advent of the digital age and its ensuing dominance, they worked with large print media companies specializing in branded stationery, printing stock photos, mailing projects, and others.

We assure you that we have no shortages in experience for any print media needs you may require.

We Target Your Markets

Certain markets require different print media techniques to effectively market to them. There's no one size fits all template that you can follow for print media marketing.

We do detailed market research and data analysis to find the optimal method to use for your target market.

Defining and focusing on your target audience can massively boost your outreach with tactics such as direct mail. We've seen that sending direct mail with engaging and targeted creative solutions to your target audience makes them hold on to or retain your print for an average of 17 days. They can make a lot of purchasing decisions anywhere along those 17 days.

Outstanding Media Buying

With our excellent approaches in media buying in avenues such as Door Drops, Direct Mail, and Inserts, you'll be able to print creative concepts that are backed up by years of customer insight and a long history of experience.

What We Offer

Media Projects

We've done several media and multimedia projects for many clients over the years. We're committed to using the most creative solutions available for the best price.

Print Advertisement

Advertising your print media on social media, direct mail, and via business cards can still work wonders for your brand's image. There are so many big businesses today that still offer print materials and see discernable gains in marketing impact because of it.

This may include logo designs that you put in various print media outlets such as newspapers and business cards, pamphlets that you distribute on social media to accompany your products, and brochures that you can put in blog posts.

Printed Materials

Our innovative team has historically been acquainted mainly with printed materials and print media during the early stages of their careers, giving them unrivaled experience in both the digital and print media space.

Printed media and inserts help execute creative advertising that can be woven into your overall marketing strategy. Both digital communications and printed media can improve your business's performance in the long run.
You'll be in the best hands when you work with us.

Combining Digital and Print Media

Digital content has become the go-to when it comes to marketing. But we see the inherent value that print ads still have.

Even with the evolution of digital content, ink and paper marketing makes it so much easier to access immediate information. The convenience, immediacy, legitimacy, and physical nature of print media makes it a more concrete way of putting your message out there.

Some users also have an affinity towards print media. They have a significantly faster response rate for print media than digital marketing means.

Take Your Print Media Marketing To The Next Level​

Making things better for you, print media has made it so that when you use print media, you're actually providing a service that's unique and has value.

Print media has adapted to the new world like no other form of marketing. Print marketing has had a measurable impact on businesses who use them vs. those who don't 

If you partner with Sharp Tack Media, you'll not only gain a partner who can make amazing and effective print designs at an affordable price for you, you'll also gain a lifetime partner that cares for your needs.

When you work with Sharp Tack Media, you”' be working with some of the most talented, compassionate, and driven people in the business combining innovative strategies with time-tested techniques.

Make the right choice. Choose Sharp Tack Media.