Madrone Wall Park and Climbing Area Clackamas

Photo of Trees during Sunset

Re-opened to the public in October 2017 after a long controversial closure, Madrone Wall is now one of the best rock climbing areas in the Portland metro area. The park was opened after a 20-year long battle of the Madrone Wall Preservation Committee to convince the county to turn the place into a park instead of a quarry.

The park derives its name from the intriguing madrone trees all over the area together with the basalt wall. It also has the breathtaking view of the Clackamas River a few miles away and the beautiful location ideal for local tourists. The beautiful Nesting Peregrine Falcons are also observed in the area making it popular for wildlife.

The area stretches across the 44-acre county park with over a hundred basalt sports and trad climbers. Local climbers now have something to be proud of only thirty minutes from Portland. Climbing the walls gives you an awesome experience with a wide variety of styles and grades. You need a 60m route to work your way through. You should also have a rack since the routes are trad and mixed.

In addition to being the perfect destination for climbers and hikers, the place is also an ideal park for families and friends who want a feel of nature. It also attracts fledgling scientists who come here to identify over 100 native wildflowers blooming in the vicinity every spring.

The Madrone Wall Park and Climbing area is opened to the public seasonally. You can access the area between July 16th to January 31st. The park is closed from February 1st to July 15th to allow the nesting Peregrine falcons to occupy the rock wall. The birds are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and locals are expected not to access the park during the closure period and obey the o trespass' sign.

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