Why Custom WordPress Design Is The Best Investment For Your Business

Custom WordPress Design And Why It’s So Popular

You might be satisfied with the hundreds of free themes that WordPress provides, but have you ever considered having your very own custom WordPress theme? Pantheon states that 25% of Internet Websites are powered by WordPress. That’s a staggering number but because it’s so popular, you can certainly benefit from the gigantic community of users that contribute to the overall improvement of WordPress. Any WordPress design agency has to nail down these essentials if they want to become a competent service.

Below is a list of important reasons why you should have your own custom WordPress theme. 

Unparalleled Customizability

Starting from a blank slate provides you with the opportunity to create any web design and layout you want. If you used a stock theme, then at some point in time, you might have been dissatisfied with its limited customization features. You wanted your pages to look a certain way but the inherent coding characteristics of the stock theme don’t allow you to do so. Even if you’re proficient in coding, there’s only so much you can do with a stock theme. Your chosen professional WordPress developer takes into consideration what specifications and design you ideally desire out of your business website – the end result is a website that precisely suits your own preferences. 

It’s Mine. My Own. My Precious. 

Your custom website is yours and yours only. There are great stock themes and templates in WordPress, but if you’ve already chosen one, chances are that thousands to even millions of users utilize the same theme as yours. It doesn’t matter if it’s another business website or even a travel blog.

Personally, it’s quite disconcerting to come across another WordPress site that looks similar to yours. So having a custom website definitely sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. You can feel assured that no other website owner, especially a similar business website owner has the same aesthetics, page design, and content layout that you’ve featured in your custom website. 

Custom Websites Makes You More Competitive 

Users are more likely to return to a website that not only is aesthetically appealing but is also easily navigable and contains features that are helpful for them as users. After hearing out your website preferences, your custom WordPress developer will examine what kind of layout and features your website should have to create an optimal user experience. 

Custom Websites Add More Protection

Since thousands to millions of users use similar stock themes, they render them as likely and vulnerable candidates to hacking and tampering. Hackers familiarize themselves with a specific theme’s code and can create a back-door channel for them to tamper with any website that uses the same theme.

Also, your WordPress web developer can consistently update your website’s coding platform. You can even request additional security measures such as security plugins and additional security software to effectively render your website very secure. 


If you finally want to have your own custom WordPress theme, then it’s best to coordinate with a professional WordPress developer. As stated from the beginning of the article, a web developer that specializes in WordPress is highly knowledgeable and proficient in the coding characteristics of WordPress along with its distinct features, software, and security measures. In general, website-developing is a highly time-consuming process so it’s better to leave it to a WordPress developer to do everything for you and ensure everything is handled correctly. 

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