Marketing 101 For Small Businesses

Setup A Good Marketing Foundation

Strategic planning is necessary to obtain the best results from the presence of the company on the Internet.

Digital marketing is a great ally for small and medium-sized companies, thanks to the democratization of the internet that allows any business to promote itself with great effectiveness and at a lower cost.

But this presence on the Internet should not be the answer to a mere fashion, just because the competition does it, but must be defined by clear strategic planning, in order to achieve the best conversion rate and ultimately the best results.

The first step in designing the digital strategy is to define the objectives that you want to achieve and, based on these, choose the tools, techniques and website features that best suit the needs of the business.

To successfully develop any Digital Marketing strategy, you must take into account:

SEO Positioning or Organic Search

It is the natural positioning of a website in the results index of a search engine like Google when users perform a search by typing certain keywords. Only the algorithms of the search engine intervene in this positioning, but to improve this positioning, an SEO ( search engine optimization ) strategy can be used.

SEO is the set of techniques aimed at getting a website to occupy the highest possible positions in search engines, being a key factor in any content marketing strategy. Within the SEO strategy, both on-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies can be used.

SEO can also be used in social profiles such as Linkedin, correctly defining the keywords by which we want to be found.

To try to make valuable content for your customers, you have to take into account what your customers would ask and what content they may be interested in related to the company’s products or services.

SEM Positioning

The SEM, or search engine marketing, is also known as payment positioning, as it requires investment from the company for the ads to appear well-positioned when users perform searches.

The SEM encompasses a series of techniques aimed at promoting and positioning the best possible site or a web page in a search engine or social network, for which the keywords for which you want to appear are purchased.

On platforms like Google Ads, the company will pay every time a user clicks on the ad and comes to their website.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are an excellent place to share information and distribute content about products and services, so it is important to identify the appropriate platforms, since the variety of social networks is wide: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Linkedin, etc.

In this sense, employees can be the best standard-bearers of the company, due to the knowledge of the products and services they offer so that the use of social networks at work can have its positive side, as long as the workers become ambassadors of the company’s brand, defending its values, products, and services.

Successful social media marketing strategies can benefit companies and organizations of any size. Not only do they help in increasing brand awareness, they can also help in building your authority. Ultimately, their contribution lies in the success they bring with conversions and sales.

Reviews on Google Maps and other platforms

If customers suddenly stop entering your business, look at the Google Maps reviews, the same is the answer there. If your company appears in Google Maps, it is convenient to encourage customers satisfied with the product or service to write reviews. But it is also important to respond to your customers’ reviews, thank them, and defend the company when the reviews are negative, apologizing to customers who have not been satisfied.

More and more users take into account the opinion of other people before making purchases or hiring a service, so having good reviews can make the difference between winning a sale or the potential client going to the competition.


All of the aforementioned must be structured within a Digital Marketing Plan, where the actions to be developed are detailed and monitored, depending on the objectives of the company. Within the Marketing Plan, plans such as the Editorial Plan will be included, which will define the keywords to include, the formats to use (text, video, image, infographic, ebook, etc.), the products or services to promote with each content, etc.

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