How Do I Create an About Us Page?

Let Your Genius Shine

Many companies make the mistake of believing that writing the About Us page is not an important part of their website content. In truth, it is one of the most essential pages on your company website. 

As you can see, if you can write an About Us page for a startup website, you have a great opportunity to shine when it is your job to write about it. The first thing you remember when you write these pages is that people click on them because they want to know more about you. 

What is an About Us Page

This page in your site sets you apart from your competitors in a way that can build your brand properly. It's a page where your readers and visitors learn more about you than you do. Learning how to write about us in a visually engaging way can really help you put yourself and your brand in a positive light. 

How You Should Write a Killer About Us Page

Your audience is curious about who is the person behind the products and services they are receiving, particularly if it's a great one. Continuing to give this kind of impression is doable whether you are an established or a newbie entrepreneur or business, through the help of an About Us page.

Start with telling your potential customers what motivates you to launch your website and how it will help them. Create a hit point for what interests you and share this with your reader – what inspires you, what motivates you to launch a website, and how it helps you. 

You should have a good idea of which copy you are going to use. It is also important to include how long you have been in business, your core values, history, team members, and even a single relevant picture as it establishes your experience and credibility. 

It is also a good idea to write this page from a storytelling perspective, with bullet points and resume style. Stories are always a good place, to begin with. This is a practice utilized by most websites for clarity and conciseness. You can also use this approach in making a short and interesting video on this page. In some cases, adding links to social media accounts on your pages may be the perfect way to keep readers connected to your brand. 

Another principle to observe when writing an About Us page is the use of simple, non-intrusive language used to describe your business. It is the most effective way so you can effectively present something special about your business.

Avoid jargon and replace these with an authentic voice describing your product or service. Write a copy that resonates with them, not against them. 

Being creative helps too. If you're having a difficult time thinking about what to write, think about an online dating profile. The same applies if writing an About Us page. Take a fun, and out-of-the-box approach when creating this page.

Lastly, consider statistics that you can use to make a point about your company's mission, and quantify the impact of your business by pasting them on this page. Embed user-generated content on your site to share how you're affecting your customers and your industry.

Show Your Personality

Give your website visitors a well-written, engaging and informative site, and they have a good reason to learn more about you. Your About Us page is the perfect spot on your website to show your personal touch; and makes you and your business unique from the rest.


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