How To Increase User Retention Times

Increasing The Time Users Spend On Your Site

One way of improving your ranking in Google is to increase the amount of time users spend on your site. This is because one of the categories of Google Analytics is a metric called average session duration which measures how long a visitor spends on your website on average. The duration can be measured in minutes or in seconds. Generally, a trustworthy website will have longer retention times.

This matters because the more time your visitors spend browsing your website, the more engaged they are with the content, and the larger the chance they’ll make a purchase.

Increasing User Retention Time On Your Website

The very first thing you need to consider for possible visitors to spend more time on your site is to add value to your content. You need to have engaging, original, fresh, and relevant content that catches the viewer’s attention.

If you add value to your website, people are more likely to visit because the content is different and innovative. Devoted visitors are your compensation for having valuable content added to your pages.

To increase user time on your website, here are a few tips to consider:

Create user-friendly pages. One of the best ways to obtain loyal visitors is to make your website user friendly. Creating one which directly targets what the user wants is something that should be considered when going through the process of website design.

As with the whole journey, the user experience should also be a top consideration. Create something that is appealing by adding visuals and stimulating materials and accent to your site, provide the appropriate messages, and catch the user’s attention with the right writing style and proper design.

Create a blog/forum section. Forums and blog posts allow your users to interact with your business and with other users. This also provides points of interest that will keep your visitors glued to your website. Make your blog posts and forums relevant to the focus of your website and provide regular and interesting topics which they can go through from time to time.

Always have a call to action present. Although this is intended more towards marketing strategies, having a call to action on your website provides your visitors with the next step they need to take in order to obtain what they want. Simple elements like a nice button that leads to the next link, or an image they can click that takes them to the next step are important to keep your visitors from leaving your site.

Keep it simple. One of the best ways to lose your visitors is to provide them with a complicated design that makes them confused. Providing simple designs and the appropriate content will ensure that your visitors do not get information overload. Also, Google goes for relevant content with one of its ranking factors.

Add interesting visual elements to your website. Adding a video or image related to your website’s contents is one way to increase traffic on your website. Not only will your users spend more time going through the video but related videos and images on your site adds value to your site and is another way of making your content engaging.

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