Tips on Improving Digital Presence For Small Businesses

How You Can Improve Your Digital Presence

The digital transformation of companies is a process that both large brands and SMEs have had to adapt to, as business growth has moved from the physical market to integrate into a digital environment. Although one can speak of a democratic environment, because apparently the same rules are being played, large companies obviously have more economic resources to be able to invest.

How can SMEs transform their business and improve it in the digital environment? Currently, it is rare to find an SME that does not have a digital presence, 8 out of 10 have a website and 75% have profiles on social networks, mainly on Facebook and Twitter. But the question of how to improve the digital presence of small businesses still remains. From increasing sheer traffic from customers to conversion rate optimization, there is alot that can be done digitally to help SME’s thrive.

In this article, we would take a look at some tips that would prove helpful in doing that.

10 Tips to improve the digital image of SMEs in the digital environment

The possibilities of improving the brand image of SMEs are endless, not only due to the large number of techniques already known, but also due to the evolution of technology itself that allows better actions to be carried out each time. These are the tips that we propose:

1. Presence in social networks

Having a profile on one or several social networks is very important to create a community of followers and spread our content. They are also a good channel to establish interaction with our clients and to resolve their complaints, questions or suggestions. Social networks also allow us to show our products and services or communicate special offers or discounts.

2. Be aware of trends

Our role in social networks should not be limited to distributing content and interacting with users, we must also activate social listening, a fundamental aspect to identify opportunities in most businesses. In addition, we must have prepared response mechanisms ( action protocol ) when exposed to sensitive comments and bad opinions or criticisms of our products or services.

3. Bet on attractive web design to capture the attention of users

The design of our site must maintain the corporate identity of our SME (name, logo, colors, look & feel …) and transfer the image we want to reflect.

4. Establish a good content marketing strategy

Writing content is one of the keys to achieving, on the one hand, a good web positioning and increased traffic, and on the other, providing added value to our audience or potential customers, generating trust. Remember that we must be consistent and the results can come in the long term.

5. Generate a creative communication style

This strategy involves allowing consumers to tell good stories about the business with the aim of making consumers feel identified. It is important to generate emotions, always taking into account that we have to adapt the messages to our target audience.

6. Create engaging pieces of content

With this, we can reinforce the previous strategy because it will allow us to send our messages using creative communication formats. A corporate blog, sending newsletters, infographics or our own YouTube video channel. You can use photographs especially on networks like Instagram, as it is the best way to present our products or services while capturing the attention of consumers.

7. Carry out a search engine positioning strategy

Optimizing your website is key to attracting visitors and generating quality traffic, for this you must activate the actions within a good SEO strategy (SEO on-page, content, keyword identification, etc.). On the other hand, especially if you still do not have many visits on your website, a good recommendation is to invest in Google Adwords (SEM), in this way you will be able to increase your web traffic faster. Positioning is essential because more than 80% of internet users access information through search engines.

8. Use Analytics to obtain information

Data is valuable and knowing how to interpret it is essential to determine if our processes are working correctly or to identify those aspects that are not being as effective. This information will allow us to improve our communication strategy, search engine positioning or a section of our website. Especially if we do it periodically, without limiting ourselves to what is said about our brand on the Internet and analyzing whether we are achieving our goals.

9. Promote networking

Build a network of contacts. It is not about maintaining a professional link with each of our contacts, but rather having knowledge of the people in charge of some partners or companies that can help us access information relevant to our objectives and interests, exchange knowledge and experiences or identify opportunities. To establish your network of professional profiles LinkedIn is the most suitable social network.

10. Keep yourself informed of the latest technologies

Marketing is not static, it constantly changes and constantly introduces new features. Therefore, it is important to know what are the new techniques that can help us enhance the growth of our company. As can be seen, improving the image of an SME in the digital environment is not an easy process. So do well to follow the tips laid out here, or hire an agency to help you out so you can focus on other things.

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