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Be On Google’s Page 1 For Competitive Keywords

Let’s face it. If your company is in an industry that is competitive, then you are going to have a difficult time getting your site to rank number one on Google for certain keywords. It takes constant effort and thousands of dollars just to get the top spot for ten keywords in any given industry!  Well, not really. You see, even if your company is in a competitive industry, there are still ways to get your site ranked number one on Google.

These are the five steps that you can use to rank your site on Google for competitive keywords.

  • Determine Your Website’s Topic or Niche

The first step is determining your website’s topic or niche. By this, I mean your website should be about one certain thing, not many different things. For example, if your company sells shoes, then your website should be about shoes. Not about running shoes or biking shoes or dress shoes.

Your site should have one focus because it will be much easier to rank highly on Google for specific keywords when you are narrowed down in this way. You see, most industries are filled with many competitors vying for the top spot on Google. However, if you focus your website’s content on one specific topic, then you will have a much better chance at ranking number one.

  • Research Your Chosen Keywords

The second step is researching your chosen keywords. This involves finding the right keywords to target that are relevant to your website’s topic or niche. You can use Google’s Keyword Tool to do this. This step is necessary because it will help you to not waste time writing content for keywords that have zero searches per month or zero competition in Google.

  • Create Unique Content For Your Chosen Keywords

The third step is creating unique content for your chosen keywords! Many companies invest hundreds of dollars into creating content that is not unique and, as a result, they never rank number one on Google. By creating unique content, you will be able to differentiate your website from all of the other websites out there that are targeting the same keywords.

  • Use Social Media To Spread The Word About Your Content

The fourth step is using social media to spread the word about your content. This involves sharing your content on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

  • Monitor Your Website’s Rankings and Adjust Accordingly

The fifth and final step is monitoring your website’s rankings and adjusting accordingly. This is necessary because you will probably not rank number one on Google for your chosen keywords immediately. You may have to tweak certain aspects of your website and keep track of your rankings in order to get those coveted top spots!

Just remember that it does take time to rank number one on Google, but with all five steps combined, you will be on your way!

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