How To Start A Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign Made Easy

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are excellent places to promote your business or brand. You can manage your social media accounts from one central location and can schedule messages to go out at certain times of the day. Social Media Campaigns are a great way to get people excited about interacting with you on social media, but they take some time to do correctly.

Your Guide On Starting A Social Media Campaign

There are a few main steps to follow when setting up any social media campaign. Here is what you need to do:

1. Decide If You Need To Start A Campaign

Before starting a social media campaign, you should ask yourself a few questions:

– Do I have the resources to create content for this campaign?

– What is my end game?

– Do I have a plan for the campaign, or will this be done on the fly?

It would be best if you thought about these things before you start. If your resources are limited or you do not know your end goal, developing a solid social media campaign won’t be easy.

2. Define Your Goals & Objectives and Create A Strategy 

Most campaigns need to be planned out in advance. Your goal may be to get more followers, maximize engagement, or increase traffic. Whatever your goals are, you should include them in your strategy document. Considerations for obtaining those goals and objectives may consist of the length of time you want the campaign to run for, any promotions related to the campaign, etc.

3. Create A Content Calendar 

A well-thought-out strategy relies heavily on a calendar. You want to post consistently and have the highest probability for success, so defining how you will do this upfront is critical. It would be best to determine a schedule for posting to each platform and then write down the content you will create for that date. It is essential to have a good mix of copy (text), images, and video when creating your social media campaign.  – What common questions will be addressed in the content?

4. Post Your Content

Once you have created all of your content, it’s time to post! Depending on the platform you are posting from, there will be different options for scheduling your posts. Some platforms allow a more detailed schedule that will enable you to choose individual days and times. Others may only offer general timing options such as “noon” or “afternoon.” It would be best if you still tried to post in the same time slot every day so that people get used to checking your page during those hours.

5. Monitor, Measure, and Repeat

There are many ways to track your social media campaign’s success. It would be best to have a few goals laid out in advance for this step, like the number of new followers, likes, shares, etc. You should also monitor your existing social media engagement to see a sudden increase after posting the campaign. This could be an indicator that you need to do more promotions to get your message out.


A social media campaign is a great way to improve your online presence and get people talking about you! If done correctly, a social media campaign can provide real value to your business or brand.  It is important to have clear goals in mind before starting the campaign.

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