Custom Domain Name Is The New Business Card

What Is The New Business Card?

It is a website created for yourself with your contact information.  You can share this link when you email or meet someone and it provides more info than just an email address and mobile number. Why would I want to invest in a website?

There are many advantages:

  • It helps others to remember you
  • It is your virtual business card
  • You can easily update it with events, products/services you offer, changes to your contact information
  • You are an early adopter of the latest development in technology 

Why Should I Use A Custom Domain Name?

It makes the website look more professional because it looks like an online business rather than your personal blog.  Before the internet, businessmen would have their company letterhead, stationary and business card printed with their name on it to give out when meeting new contacts.  Now you can do that ONE better with a custom domain name, which will rank higher in search engines than a free blog platform such as Blogger or WordPress etc. Therefore, when people search for you in Google, they will see your custom domain name and know you are a professional.

I Have A Domain Name…What Should I Do Next?

It’s up to you!  Some people choose to just use the free blog platform that comes with their domain name and that is completely fine. However, by getting set up on a custom platform such as WordPress, you will be able to have your website look much more professional.  You can make your website as simple or complex as you like depending on your skill level and budget. There are many free apps available to create the foundations of a site, such as blog posts with images, quotes, and videos.

How Do I Get Traffic?

Now you are ready to run with it!  There is no better feeling than getting your new site up and running and knowing that in time it will pay for itself due to the extra business it brings you.  It is much easier to market your new website than it was when you had no online presence.

You can start small by telling family and friends about the site, sharing it on Facebook and Twitter etc. Then when you get time, begin creating content so that Google starts to recognize your website as an authority in its field.  

This is done by writing blog posts, sharing images and videos on social media. Then you will start seeing your website take off with traffic naturally.  There are many free services which track the volume of traffic to your site including Google Analytics, that shows how much organic search traffic you are getting from Google.

It provides the most benefit when someone is trying to find you in Google or any other search engine and they see your website on the first page of results, rather than seeing it on the 10th. This will happen when you have your own custom domain name which links back to yourself and is in Google’s index in a high page rank.

When people search for you they will see your website at the top of the list linking back to yourself instead of your competitors. You get a better chance of making a sale and becoming known in your industry when you get more views online.

But, The Real Question Is – Are You Ready For It?

If you’re not yet sure about your website’s design or content strategy, then don’t worry! Sharp Tack Media can help with just about anything from logo creation to social media marketing and everything in between. Our custom domain name service will give your business a great first impression when people find out more information on the internet. Don’t wait another second – call us today so we can get started designing your brand-new custom domain name before someone else does!

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