SEO and Content: Your Business’s Best Marketing Combination

SEO And Content’s Undeniable Connection

Content and SEO are undeniably interwoven in today’s online ecosystem. To be a good content marketer, you need to understand the importance of SEO’s role in getting search engines to actually see your content. To be truly great at SEO, you need to understand effective content marketing.

If you doubt the value or effectiveness of content on any level, we urge you to read this report by Ascend 2 on “The Most Effective SEO Tactics.” Here you will clearly see how content and SEO work together.

For a 57% majority of marketing influencers, on-page content development is effective. This ranks it as the most effective means of SEO.

SEO And Content: Hand In Hand

Knowing what you know now, content and search engine optimized content should be your most trusted allies when it comes to marketing. Content can take on a variety of forms. From blog posts, video shorts, to long videos, infographics, and static images.

Google’s algorithms pay very close attention to several factors when ranking web pages. One of them is shelf life. If you have a search-optimized piece of content that’s shinier and newer than someone else’s, the chances are good that you will get some quick visibility from that initial publishing.

On the other hand, sites that have been up longer tended to have a larger amount of backlinks as a result. So content is both your long and short game – new content gets you visible quickly, and the proliferation of content day after day spreads your brand’s tentacles out into the web making you visible in corners of the web you never even considered your content would end up on.

Use Images And Videos

While keyword-optimized articles are a great way to get your foot through the door, don’t forget the future is definitely going in the way of video. YouTube is also the world’s 2nd largest search engine by far. So think about this – if you have a keyword-optimized article, with a keyword-optimized video embedded in it – you’re now doubly visible in both Google search and YouTube video search. And that’s a killer combination.

Images are another area that is heavily overlooked by marketers. Google Image Search gets a huge volume of searches. If you are not optimizing your images with alt tags and making sure they are visible in search you are missing out on another big stream of potential traffic.


There are many ways to make your website stand out from the rest. One fail-proof way is to wed the powers of SEO and great content. By utilizing these two tools together, you’ll end with more people wanting to do business with you.

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