Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media Digital Marketing?

As marketing and advertising have become predominantly digital, almost all businesses that want to thrive have switched over, or are in the process of transitioning, to digital marketing as opposed to their traditional print or door-to-door marketing strategies.

The trouble with going digital is that it isn't as easy as it seems. You have to have the right mindset and plan going forward if you're looking to go social and digital with your advertising.

There are many avenues on which you can take your social media marketing. It isn't just simply posting something for sale on Facebook and Twitter and expecting that to translate into a measurable increase in sales.

Well, lucky for you, we here at Sharp Tack Media have spent years curating and cultivating experience on how to do social media digital marketing.

What Are The Steps For A Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Plan

This is the first step in creating an amazing and effective social media marketing strategy. We'll discuss with you your available options and we'll let you browse and decide on a method then proceed with the planning phase. Online marketing needs a concrete plan and workflow to execute effectively. We'll make sure you get this.

Content Strategy

In this stage, we discuss what type of content you want to put out, whether that maybe videos, images, or audio files. We can also do a mix of print media in conjunction with these to create a comprehensive marketing package.

Planning stage

This will include what platform you’re going to use, what items you want to market, and how you want them to be marketed. You’ll need to decide the amount of outreach you want to have for your marketing strategy. We have certain best practices when it comes to planning and how you should allocate your resources. We won't move to execution until you're not fully satisfied at this stage.


We execute the content and marketing plan making sure that we monitor all the relevant metrics.

Digital Marketing Solutions We Can Do For You

Building Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the holy grails in marketing. To get your brand associated with a certain ideal or quality is crucial. You want to convey to your target audience and to audiences you may want to tap in the future that your brand is the go-to for their queries.

Email Marketing

Companies use automated Email marketing as a way of communicating with their target audience. This is a great way of reaching out to a large number of internet users using only a little amount of your resources.

We can incorporate social media digital marketing towards email marketing to redirect users towards your relevant social media outlets.

Creating a strong social network will only make your business seen by more people, and having a solid marketing plan can equate to a larger conversion rate.

Content Marketing

This is the bread and butter of your social media marketing efforts. This is that you usually think of when you hear social media marketing.

Content marketing aims to fulfill the want of your users. This content is later distributed to all your social media channels. This provides you with a very wide reach.

We'll make sure that your content is marketed effectively towards your target audience.

Building Social Networks

A solid social network is a foundation for your social media managers. Your social media managers can establish a posting schedule for your content so your content will be seen on these social networks that your users are on at the most opportune time.

A social network is important for all business types. We can help you build a solid social network to showcase your products in the most accessible way possible.

Social Media Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

These two things go hand-in-hand when it comes to digital marketing. Both social media analytics and Search Engine Optimization help to trim your content down to what is only necessary for the algorithm to rank your site highly.

We do in-depth SEO and SocMed analytics using a number of tools to make sure your content is as concise and relevant, as well as search engine-friendly, as possible.

With all these in mind. You see why choosing us is your best option in Social Media Digital Marketing. Join the hundreds of companies that have experienced our services now.