8 Youtube Video Optimization Tips

Video Marketing For Small Business Tips

YouTube is the second largest search platform in the world and the largest online video site. This means that there is very strong competition to give visibility to your videos! This is especially true for small business owners as video marketing for small businesses has absolutely exploded in recent years. With all the competition, how do you make your videos stand out?

Here are 8 simple optimization tips to showcase your content on YouTube and give you the chance to stand out among billions of content.

1) Metadata / IMPORTANT

First of all, the title should encourage the user to click on your video, that’s why it must be:

•    Catchy

•    Short

•    Consistent with the content of your video

It is also very important to position yourself on promising keywords, that is to say, terms that will be sought by Internet users. Remember to add these keywords in your title, description and video tags, so as to give them more power. Be careful not to put more than 10 tags, always putting the most searched first and those that are generic to your channel last (eg gaming, gameplay or beauty, tutorial …).

2) Subtitles / OPTIONAL

Think of the subtitles. Indeed, they aid in helping understand the content of your video and thus bring it out on relevant searches. They also make your video accessible to people who speak a foreign language (ex: English subtitles, if you notice a large English-speaking audience on your videos) or to people who are hard of hearing.

3) Links to your site / OPTIONAL

Put links on your videos to your site, blog or other web pages that would allow your audience to expand further on the subject being discussed. Also, make links from your site to your YouTube channel, this allows to multiply the interaction points and traffic sources.

4) Relevance for your subscribers / IMPORTANT

Your YouTube channel is not your Dropbox account which allows you to store all the videos you can produce. On the contrary, be careful to highlight content that will appeal to your subscribers, entertain them and meet their expectations. Do not publish “rough” videos in public, but rather qualitative and accomplished things.

5) Cards and endscreens / VERY IMPORTANT

Subscriptions, playlists, other videos in the series… they allow you to refer to different things with one goal: to retain and keep your audience on your channel. So don’t hesitate to use them!

6) Comments and Interaction / IMPORTANT

Interacting with your audience is essential. Respond to your comments to manage your reputation, ask questions of your audience, ask them to choose the next topics for your videos, organize FAQs and contests. The more attention you give to your audience, the more they will engage with you. This is one of the big advantages of YouTube compared to conventional media. You can detect your top fans on YouTube and appreciate them.

7) Playlists / IMPORTANT

They allow your users to view contents of the same theme once. They are essential in keeping your subscribers and youtubers on your channel.

8) Social networks / IMPORTANT

42% of shares on social networks are made within the first 72 hours of a video’s life, so share your videos as much as possible, as soon as they are uploaded to Youtube, share it to all your social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. They will be shared by your followers and in so doing views will be multiplied.

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