Downsides Of Cheap Web Hosting

Top Reasons To Not Choose Cheap Web Hosting Services

It’s completely understandable that businesses would want to save money and opt for cheap web hosting services. Some ridiculously low offers are just too tempting to ignore. After all, you’ve already invested a huge budget in hiring a professional web developer in creating your website from scratch. But considering how much time, effort, and funds have gone into creating a website, the last thing any website owner wants is a web hosting service that handles their website at a substandard level and is not equipped with the best hardware and software for their clients. Higher-end hosting services even have built-in marketing tools and marketing strategies.

In many cases, going cheap is not always the best idea and web hosting service is not exempted from that rule. This article will help you understand why it’s extremely important to always choose a quality web hosting service.

Cheap Web Hosting Means You Get Less 

A well-functioning website of any kind needs a sufficient amount of server storage and bandwidth. A cheap web hosting plan probably won’t provide you that. Yes, it is different between web hosting service providers but in the end, your website will be needing all the space it needs to grow. It’s a common occurrence that web hosting is not a priority that many website owners consider when owning a website.

You need a web hosting provider that can offer you the right plan and offer you the right services that can not only accommodate your current website requirements but also provides you all the room your website needs to grow. In other words, scalability. 

Your Website Visitors Will Know

Due to the fact that cheap web hosting just doesn’t provide enough bandwidth relative to the website’s content and traffic, your website’s visitors will know since your website’s pages take too long to load. Even a few seconds matter as the contemporary internet user demands lightning-fast loading speeds. It sure is a strict and quite unfair standard, depending on how you look at it, but many business website owners are definitely heeding to such a standard.

They completely understand the necessity to choose a web hosting plan that has the right server hardware and a team of server technicians to provide fast loading speeds for their clients. 

Can Cheap Web Hosting Provide Sufficient Security? 

Another area where cheap web hosting plans surely lack is security and maintenance support. Security is one of the main concerns for website owners. You’d ideally want a web hosting provider that is equipped with the most up-to-date security hardware and software that is serviced by experienced server technicians to provide the best security to protect all of their client’s website data. Building a website isn’t cheap which is why some website owners have no choice but to go cheap on their web hosting choices. However, losing your website due to a data breach, server crash, or even a hacking attempt is not a situation any website owner wants to come across. 

There’s No Such Thing As Cheap

You probably have seen a lot of ads by web hosting companies exhibiting their unbelievably inexpensive web hosting offers and promos. But in the end, maintaining a website isn’t meant to be cheap. It’s quite possible that your business’s success reputation overwhelmingly depends on your website being fully functional all the time. Even if your website crashes and is inaccessible for day two, it can impact your customer’s perception of your business.

For example, if you own an e-commerce website and your website crashes during the shopping season because your web hosting plan can’t handle the massive influx of traffic, then your customers might look for e-commerce merchants elsewhere, especially if they’re engaged in last-minute shopping. Ultimately, you definitely don’t want a cheap hosting service, but rather an affordable and most importantly, a quality web hosting service. 

So What’s A Good Example Of A Quality Web Hosting Service? 

Business websites commonly choose WordPress as their website platform and chances are, yours might be too. If you do, then you definitely need a web hosting service that can not only cater to your server requirements and traffic needs but is also specialized in dealing with WordPress websites. That’s where WP Engine comes in.

WP Engine is a managed hosting service provider that not only provides web hosting but since it’s a ‘managed’ hosting service, WP Engine will take care of all of your website’s security and maintenance. They have plans starting at $29/month meant for entry-level websites that receive up to 25K visits a month, offers 10Gb storage, and a free SSL certificate. The price of their plans increases relative to the website’s server requirements. Their most expensive plan is meant to cater to large corporations where it receives millions of user-traffic. In short, WP Engine can accommodate all of the server and bandwidth requirements of small businesses to fully-fledged corporations. All of WP Engine’s hosting plans, like what any good web hosting service ought to have, has 24/7, 365 days year support since mishaps can happen any time. 

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