Low Tech Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Amazing Marketing Options On A Budget

In the marketing world, going digital is a super trend. Digital marketing is where it’s at right such as websites and social media and etc. You’ll even hear marketers and businesses just absolutely prioritize digital marketing above all methods. They have a point since we do live in a highly-internet-driven world. As is with small business web design, your marketing should also fit within your scale.

But does that mean low-tech marketing alternatives have gone extinct? In fact, there are some low tech tactics that websites and social media can’t replace.

Here is a list of low tech marketing ideas that any small business can make use of.

Postcards & Brochures

There are some people that are just satisfied with a business’ website or social media page. That’s all they’ll need to know about a business. But there are some people that still love traditional marketing mediums. They like the physical statement of postcards & brochures.

It’ll actually be a bonus for brands to cater to this kind of audience. That being said, making postcards & brochures is an art in itself. People don’t want generic designs. They have a higher chance of keeping it your prints if has a neat aesthetic.

The word ‘neat’ here entirely depends on what your business is. Consult with a graphic designer to find out what kind print aesthetic suits your business. Of course, don’t forget to include all relevant info about your business including contact info and your business’s address.

Signages & Billboards

They’re like name tags. They just catch people’s attention be it on the freeway or on a street. Get creative with your signages. Again, you have to consult your graphic designer to find the ideal signage design. Remember that people will only be staring at it for a few seconds. So make sure the design isn’t too cluttered.

The same goes for billboards. The entire design should tell everything about your business the moment a passerby catches a glimpse of it. It’s not a myth that renting billboards is a big investment, but if you the budget for it, it can improve your business’s notoriety. Place signages rent billboards in strategic locations ideally near or even at your target audience’s location.

Making A Community Presence

Small businesses should always reach out to their local areas. Participate in community events such as being a sponsor of some event. If there are county fairs and festivals, then become a part of it. This is a great chance for you to introduce and market your business personally to a wider audience. People love businesses that are investing the effort in reaching out to them personally.


To add to the last section, give out freebies and promotional items whenever you reach out to your local area. Everyone loves free stuff. You do too right? Freebies are a fantastic way of wooing your audience. They have an opportunity to try out your product without them having to give anything in return.

Should You Pick Up These Strategies?

Some of the ones listed seem pretty obvious. Rather, this article is pointing out the fact that low-tech doesn’t be outdated. Some low-tech marketing methods are here to stay no matter how advanced this world will be.

Digital marketing methods can’t or will have a hard time appealing to a low tech audience. In fact, there are some people that expect businesses to do both. If you do already have a digital marketing strategy, then combine it with your low tech marketing methods to really sell your business’s brand and image.

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