Google My Business New Features

GMB Adds New Features For Businesses

When we refer to a multi-functional platform on the internet, what do we imagine? Of course, one of the great search engines that answers almost all of our questions and needs. Not only mentioning the multi functional aspects that Google has recently offered us, those such as the management, compartmentalization, and control of documents, photos, social networks, etc. Google has greatly improved the experience of surfing the internet.

One of the great improvements that Google came to offer, within its multi-functional and diverse proposals is Google My Business. It is a tool for small and medium-sized companies to manage their presence on the platform. One of the best local marketing tips that we give small business owners is to fully embrace their GMB and learn how to use it to the fullest extent. This tool from Google recently introduced new functions so that companies have more even facilities to reach customers and establish a more loyal relationship with them.

They are as follows:

1. Offers and discounts on Google Maps

First, businesses will be able to make offers to those customers who follow the business using Google Maps. That is, if a user searches, for example, a restaurant on Google Maps and decides to follow it because he liked the service, this restaurant will be able to offer this customer offers and discounts to return to the premises again. This new option has been added after Google revealed that around 50% of the clients of these services who surf the Internet look for offers and discounts.

2. Add Personalized Information

The new update will allow companies to add personalized information in a panel called “From the manufacturer” that will be added to the data currently displayed. This is the latest addition from the search engine company to give more weight to companies in search results, but not the only one.

3. Google Posts

In November 2019, Google allowed companies to add short blog posts to appear in company-related searches through their app. A feature to “follow” businesses directly from Google Maps was also added. In this way, the promotion of different companies through Google searches acquires a more social dimension. In fact, the information of a business, with images, details of the products, the option to follow them, etc., could be a kind of patch before the disappearance of Google+.

In fact, more and more information is sought about companies on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are accumulating the searches that users do on different businesses since, on these platforms, a company can show its activity in a much more detailed way than in Google searches. That is why, with these additions, it is very possible that the company’s strategy is to recover this social aspect. In any case, both consumers and companies that use Manufacturer Center will be able to benefit from all these improvements.

4. Link and Short Name

From now on, companies will be able to ask Google for a short name or a personalized URL for Google My Business. In this way, businesses will have greater visibility on the Internet and customers will have an easier time finding companies and knowing what services they offer. In addition, companies can share this URL with their customers so that they know the latest news, can make a reservation or directly write a review after having made a visit.

Businesses will also have the possibility to add and configure a profile photo or, directly, they can include their company logo in the upper right part of their profile.

6. Dynamic Photographs

In addition, SMEs will have a new dynamic module to display photographs of their company. These photographs will appear instantly and will have legends that will describe what appears in the image.

7. Digital Honorific Badges

Google is also working on a website so that companies can download or request personalized products and services for their business. These services can be stickers, posters, the ability to make publications that reach a greater number of users…. and will be delivered to the best-rated companies.

Google is also working to create digital and physical honorific badges to give greater relevance and importance to those companies that have a better valuation by their customers. Google is changing many things, and as the new decade starts it rises with great expectations, so why don’t you make use of these exciting new features and skyrocket your business impact and profits.


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