How To Rank For “Near Me” Searches

Ranking For “Near Me” Searches

If you have a local business you’re running, then optimizing for local search would be advisable for you to be able to reach those living around your area. One way you can do this is by being a master in ranking “near me” searches on Google. This article discusses in detail some small business marketing tips and SEO strategies that can be helpful in placing you on the first page of “near me” searches.

In case you’re not familiar with “near me” searches, it involves people like you and me searching for local services online on Google by adding the “near me” tagline at the end. This can be someone searching for a local restaurant and inserts the keyword “near me”. For example, he or she can enter the words “restaurant near me” in the Google search bar.

In response, Google will update the person with a list of restaurants near them. A brief look at the data in the Google Trends graph, you will notice an increase in search for “near me” terms in recent years. It would be an awesome stuff if people nearby get to discover your business through this type of search.

1. Consider Posting an Ad

This strategy is a shortcut. This involves paying for an Ad to be displayed to local searches. So if you have a business that makes cool profits and you’re not the patient type, then consider paying for a local ad spot on Google. This option is easy and fast. It starts with having a Google ad setup and starting on a low budget as small as $ 10 a day.

You can then configure your current location and set a target radius that surrounds your postal code. Also indicate a distance that would be favorable, as this plays a role in increasing your conversion rate and thereby the possibility of being ranked in “near me” searches. Before the ad is launched, select a perfect keyword that you want to be ranked. Let’s say you run a barbecue restaurant in Oregon, the keywords to use can be “best restaurant in Oregon” and this would play a pivotal role in your local SEO search boost. Now, you are a step away from creating a profitable ad for your local business.

2. Complete Your Google My Business Profile

If you’re one of those that do not have a Google My Business profile, create one right away.

Do yourself a favor: visit your Google My Business page and complete it in its entirety. Google uses the information in the GMB listings to ascertain the companies it can show in “near me” search results. So lack of a profile directly translates to no appearance on a local search. Be 100% assured of your business not appearing on the local search.

3. Collect positive feedback

Yes, Google analyzes reviews to help know whether your business should be on the first page of any local search. So a lot of positive feedback is very important for your business. Bear in mind that Google is very much interested in the feedback and positive experience of your customers. So Google would most likely pay more attention to a highly rated company in comparison to a low rated or unrated one.

4. List the local events you sponsor on your site

You can also tell Google that you are in a particular neighborhood by the list of local events you sponsor. Showing your local sponsored events increases your chances of ranking and also positions your brand as a well respected and trusted business. This would register in the minds of the locals and they would view you and your business as caring for the community.

5. Make Your Website Responsive and Easy to Use

An increase in mobile phone usage brought about an increase in “near me” searches in recent years. It made it easy to search for things like “realtors near me” while you’re on the move. That is why you must ensure that your website is functional and optimized for a mobile platform. This means that the graphics are responsive no matter the device size.

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