Instagram Posts For Businesses

How To Make Killer Instagram Posts For Businesses

Nowadays there are many social media platforms businesses can utilize. Some are similar to each other but Instagram definitely has a charm of its own. Instagram is all about the visuals. Instagram mainly features visual content and Instagram users particularly demand quality photos from their following users. However, that’s not all that Instagram is capable of, it can also be used in social media marketing.

For businesses, Instagram is an ideal visual marketing platform. But, should it be treated just like any other billboard or advertising space? Of course not! Instagram is a social media platform and it’s users view its content in a different manner.

Here are a few tips that you can use to create fantastic Instagram posts to boost your business’s image and also increase your Instagram followers

Social Media Is About Showing Real Stories

Sure, you can promote a product or service every now and then, but people subscribe to Instagram because they want the visual experience of the everyday lives – and business Instagram profiles should be no different. I”m not saying you should entirely opt-out of boosting your brand, but rather mix your content with organic and unscripted photos such as photos that showcase the daily routine of your business and even show the people behind your business. Instagram is not just visual marketing but also its own unique form of storytelling.

Captions Are An Artform 

Just like Twitter tweets, Instagram captions are best kept short and concise. The main focus of an Instagram post is the photo and the caption should complement the photo and not overwhelm it with fancy verbiage and Shakespearean monologues. Don’t bleed out the comment box by adding unnecessary and irrelevant information either. Depending on the photo you should also try incorporating calls-to-action phrases and questions to encourage audience participation. In essence, captions are like seasonings or garnishes. Too little, and it’ll turn out bland, whilst too much can overshadow the original essence.

Don’t Forget To  Use Hashtags 

Using clever hashtags is a great way of reaching out to a wider audience. Believe it or not, hashtags can contribute to your business’s brand. Have an established set of hashtags that are unique to your business and encourage your Instagram followers to use it whenever they want to reference your business. Using popular and trending hashtags can boost your audience reach even further. However, don’t go crazy on the hashtags for each photo as it can bloat the appearance of your Instagram. Instead, stick with a few relevant hashtags to keep your Instagram posts visually appealing.

Instagram Has A Lot More To Offer Than Just Photos 

Over recent years, Instagram has definitely improved the level of content variety that its users can share. During the early days of Instagram, it strictly featured static photos but you can now share videos worth a couple of seconds, GIFs, and even a new feature called Boomerang which allows you to loop a video back and forth, resulting in hilarious and entertaining creations. Instagram is just like any other social media platform out there in that it is constantly adding new features so be sure to maximize each of its feature’s potential.

Give Your Followers A Visual Treat

It’s worth noting that since Instagram users want and expect high-quality photos, it’s a good idea to invest in a good DSLR or a phone with excellent camera technology equipped with one of the premier photo editing software you can come across. The reason for such is that candid Instagram photos are taken with natural backgrounds under natural lighting so you definitely want the proper hardware and software to give your followers an optimal visual experience every time they visit your Instagram profile. Apart from getting good hardware and software, also try getting creative with filters. Each filter provides a different perspective so give your audience a treat by giving them a unique experience with every photo.


If you want to really expand your follower base even further, connect your Instagram profile to your other social media profiles and even provide a link to your website. This way, all of your online accounts can work in sync to ultimately strengthen your digital presence altogether. If you’re still somewhat unsure of what to do, hire and coordinate with a service that can help you with your overall social media marketing strategy. Instagram has its own perks for businesses as with every other social media platform. Instagram definitely has a charm of its own and its own dedicated following, so be sure to always keep your Instagram game at the top.

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