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Stay On Top Of Social Media Marketing

People need to talk about something and there’s no better place than the Internet. Twitter and Facebook were founded years ago and since then, they’ve both become a big part of society and culture. People complained on social media before but it wasn’t until recently that people started offering compliments or criticisms through them as well. And with this, businesses started to realize that they need a formal plan of action when it comes to social media and customer service.

This is how the customer-business relationship has changed and why companies should start caring about their reputation: 

Social Media Is Public

We live in a world where information can be leaked so fast. This means that, if you screw up, everybody’s going to know about it.

Social Media Is Free

It costs nothing for people to complain on social media because they already have accounts set up for this reason. And, if a business doesn’t listen to their customers’ complaints, they’ll spread the news even farther.

Social Media Is Instant

Things go viral so quickly these days and businesses have no control over that.The best thing you can do as a business is take care of your customers and answer any complaints in a timely manner.

Social Media Is Multi-Channel

There’s no platform that cannot be used to complain about a company or share praises.  Everyone has access to social media and also knows how to use it, thus giving businesses lots of different channels to monitor and take care of.

Social Media Is Multi-Device

Customers aren’t restricted to computers anymore, everyone has a phone and uses it for social media purposes. The reach of social media is no longer limited to people using their home computer or laptop; now, even mobile phone users have the opportunity to complain or share positive experiences.

Social Media Is Multi-Language

Different cultures use different sites and each social media site has a specific target audience so this allows for more ways to get in touch with customers from all over the world.

Social media is everywhere these days so businesses need to be prepared to work with these platforms. And if you want your customers to be happy, it’s suggested that you should take advantage of the following two social media platforms for customer service:

  • Facebook  

It’s where most people spend their time when they’re online. Developing a Facebook page for your business is the best way to interact with customers because it’s free and you can answer any complaints or queries they have. Everything that goes on your wall becomes public information, which means all of your customers will see what you post there.

  • Twitter

It’s a great way to respond to customers and it doesn’t cost anything. You can quickly take care of any complaints and, if necessary, you can post updates and special promotions on your account as well. People following your business will see everything that you tweet so this is a good way to make sure your posts stick. 

Customers need to know that it’s okay for them to take advantage of social media and, more importantly, they need to know that businesses are willing to listen. It doesn’t matter what you post on social media as long as your customers are satisfied and that they know you’re willing to listen and help them. Social media has turned into a necessary tool for businesses and their customers and it’s the way of the future; we all need to get used to it because it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Provide Stellar Customer Service

Have you ever had a frustrating experience with customer service? You’re not alone. In fact, over 75% of customers have experienced some form of frustration when contacting the company they purchased from for help. That’s why it is so important to find ways that your business can provide stellar customer service via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. And we know just how to do it! Contact Sharp Tack Media today about our latest Social Media For Customer Service program. 

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