Web Designer Vs. Web Developer

Is There A Meaningful Difference?

Web designers and web developers are sometimes confused with each other. Web designers and web developers are actually two different professions and fields of specialization. However, take in consideration that neither of these professionals has definite marketing experience and it’s still a wise choice to hire a professional marketing specialist.

Both are integral to the creation of a website. Below is a comprehensive list that outlines the definition of a web designer and a web developer, their respective tasks when it comes to website building, and what aspects both disciplines share with each other: 

What is A Web Designer?

To help you understand it more thoroughly, think of a web designer as an architect. Architects primarily plan the artful conception of a building. That doesn’t mean they merely play around with drawings whilst disregarding the practicality of their designs. Architects work closely with engineers and collaborate on the overall construction process. Web designers don’t need to be particularly well-versed in coding. Keep in mind the phrase ‘well-versed as it’s a must to have a working understanding of coding. 

Web designers utilize graphic design software in drafting the visual themes for their client’s desired websites. However, don’t be fooled that being a web designer is an easy job. Web designers not only must be creative in their outputs but also must understand concepts such as the typography and proper blending of colors. They must take those artistic concepts into thoughtful consideration whilst also keeping in mind the importance of user-friendliness. 

Skills Required: 

  • Working Knowledge in Coding: Ex. HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Proficiency in Visual Design 
  • Working Knowledge in Programming: Ex. Java,C++
  • Knowledge in SEO

What Is A Web Developer?

Going back to my analogy, just like web designers are the architects, web developers are the engineers. Web developers are in charge of constructing the skeleton of the web site. As such, technical skills such as coding are essential. Whilst Web Designers are required to have a working knowledge of coding, web developers must be highly knowledgeable and skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other coding platforms. Computer Science and Programming majors are the ideal fit for web developers. 

Skills Required: 

  • High Proficiency in Coding: Ex. HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more
  • High Proficiency in Programming: Ex. . Java, C++, PHP, ASP and more
  • Knowledge in SEO
  • Working Knowledge in Visual Design

Similarities Between Web Designing and Web Developing

Notice how some skills and responsibilities overlap, although the only key difference is the level of proficiency? Web designers and developers do overlap but neither can replace the other. As stated earlier, when creating a website, web designers and developers collaborate with each other. Web designers compose the aesthetic harmony of the website whilst developers realize their designs. 

Do web designers and developers need to be two different people? Not necessarily. There are website programmers that are well-versed in designing and developing. It’s actually more attractive to have both designing and developing skills. Judging from a client’s perspectives, it’s much more convenient to hire a professional that is proficient in both designing and developing to avoid the hassle of contacting different people for collaborative work. Nevertheless, designers and developers have their own unique role in website creation. 

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