WordPress vs Wix: Which One Is Right For You

Which Of These Is Right For Your Needs

Even though WordPress is the undisputed titan in website building, other website builders do exist. Take Wix for example. Wix is a unique website builder in its own right and this article will explain to you why.

For a small business owner, you’d want a web service platform that can provide you with flexible customization features along with sufficient choices of supporting plugins, apps, and software.

WordPress web design is becoming one of the most competitive industries on the web because WordPress is the number one choice for a lot of users with small businesses. But Wix definitely has its own charm. Is it enough to dethrone WordPress?

Areas For Consideration

To come up with a better analysis of how these two websites perform, let’s set some areas to test and analyze their performance. This includes required users’ learning curve, their security and maintenance offered, and the usefulness of their features, as well.

Learning Curve  

  • Wix
    From the get-go, Wix employs a simple and straightforward drag-and-drop interface. This allows for flexible customizations without necessarily requiring the skills of an encoder and a web developer. For beginners who have no clue about web development or website creation in general but already have an established blueprint in their head as to how they want their website to appear, then Wix is the ideal choice.

  • WordPress
    WordPress does have uncomplicated customization mechanics but does not specifically employ a drag-and-drop feature like Wix. If you wanna add pages, content, and arrange the layout to a manner of your liking, then WordPress does have section menus where you input custom page characteristics. Overall even though WordPress does not use a drag and drop editor by default, it can be customized to use one. There is an extensive amount of additional customizations that WordPress can be set up to use. 


  • Wix
    Wix’s drag-and-drop feature is definitely in its own league. This is what renders Wix distinct from the rest of the website builders. However, like any other website builder should have, Wix also has other customization features other than drag-and-drop. Wix has a sufficient number of plugins, apps, and other software but in terms of variety and reputability, then you might find their selection a bit wanting.

  • WordPress
    Where WordPress somewhat falls short in terms of its ease-of-use compared to Wix, it absolutely shines in the number of supporting features it offers. It ought to since it’s the most commonly used web service platform on the entire Internet and enjoys a strong community and developer following. WordPress boasts a staggering list of over a thousand plugins, apps, and software. WordPress has a lot of features from dedicated e-commerce platforms, analytics software, to reputable security plugins. Wix does have e-commerce, analytics, and security plugins but not in the same magnitude and reputability as WordPress. In addition, when the 3rd party plugins and themes are considered, the number of addons for WordPress easily numbers in the tens of thousands.

Security And Maintenance 

  • Wix
    If you have no time to constantly attend to your website on a daily business and are forced to have a hands-off approach to your website’s security and maintenance, then Wix automatically takes care of coding and security updates. The reason for such is because Wix is not an open-source web development platform, unlike WordPress. This means Wix is entirely responsible for the security and maintenance of their client’s websites. This can be both positive and negative because if the Wix platform itself has some form of vulnerability, then you might be at the mercy of their security team that might take a while to patch it.

  • WordPress
    Securing and maintaining a WordPress website is going to require more effort. You need to run updates by yourself or your website developer to ensure your website has the most up-to-date coding platform and security protocols. But, since Wix handles security and maintenance by themselves, it kind of limits your choice in choosing which security software you want. But WordPress’s open-source platform allows you to freely choose which security software and plugin you want. Essentially, in exchange for the thousands of features for you to use, you or your website developer needs to regularly attend to your WordPress website and ensure it is up to date. 

Which Is Right For You?

To summarize, Wix is more geared towards beginner-level users that have just enough features and support, but it can’t quite accommodate adequately for serious website owners. Wix often brands itself as a one-size-fits-all platform by giving most of its clients everything they need such as easy customization and providing for their client’s security and maintenance. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but as stated in the article, their jack-of-all-trades services somewhat limit your choices, especially for a business website that needs the best choice for each feature, not one choice that provides all features. 

For a fully functional business website with all the technical wizardry and support it needs, WordPress undeniably is the better choice. For the extensive number of features, plugins, software, and support that you get, WordPress is definitely a valuable investment.

In short, Wix might be adequate enough for things such as uploading simple content and blog posts. As for WordPress, it’s a purely dedicated web service platform that can accommodate any of your customization and entrepreneurial preferences. 

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